Vodafone Blue phone lands in India, designed in collaboration with Facebook

Vodafone Blue Phone

The popular social networking website, Facebook is trying its hands with handsets and has devised the Vodafone Blue phone in association with the service provider for India. The ‘revolutionary phone’ is integrated with an ‘outstanding mobile Facebook experience’ at economical price offering unlimited access to the SNS for a year and made its appearance felt through an event held today.

The attractive and intuitive device is embedded with a dedicated F button. It displays updates on the homescreen along with counters and notifications to keep users informed about their friends at all times. This F key can be customized to assign it functions such as uploading photos from the gallery or updating a status.

“The mobile internet plays a central role in the daily lives of millions of Vodafone customers, many of whom are avid Facebook users. Vodafone Blue is the answer to our youth’s mobile social networking needs. The phone has been designed to let everyone experience the fun of connecting with friends on the go, at a pocket friendly price. With our unique, fully integrated Facebook customization, the Vodafone Blue offers a compelling, out-of-the-box experience,” stated Kumar Ramanathan, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Essar.

Said to be perfectly apt for social networking, Facebook can be accessed through the phone as soon as it is switched on. Besides emails and texts, Facebook messages also appear in the phone’s inbox while friends’ profiles are included in its address book. Along with instantly sharing pictures captured via the 2MP camera of the phone, users can chat with multiple friends, simultaneously.

The Vodafone Blue phone is fitted with a 2.4-inch landscape QVGA display. The input options are inclusive of an optical trackpad and a physical QWERTY keypad. Additionally, the Opera Mini 5 web browser promises swift internet browsing. Further, it comes with built-in FM radio and music player in addition to a 3.5mm headphone jack.

So users who like staying in touch with their loved ones at all times can lay their hands on the Vodafone Blue phone for a price of Rs. 4,950.