T-Mobile G2 with Google to deliver 4G speeds on HSPA+ network

T-Mobile G2

After launching the first Android phone in the G1, T-Mobile USA has decided to further expand its footprint with another offering. The company has announced a new smartphone dubbed T-Mobile G2 with Google for Android fans. Designed by HTC, the handset has been crafted to deliver 4G speeds, fast web browsing capabilities and a comprehensive Google experience.

Designed with a large 3.7-inch screen, this Android powered device comes with a full QWERTY keypad. The offering is said to perform optimally with 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, allowing users to download files, applications, videos and more at a rapid pace. It displays seven customizable home screen panels including a dedicated one which enables users to access apps with a single click.

“T-Mobile ignited the spark that set the Android world ablaze two years ago with the launch of the world’s first Android-powered mobile phone, the T-Mobile G1, which remains an important milestone for both T-Mobile and the Android operating system,” remarked Cole Brodman, chief technology and innovation officer, T-Mobile USA. “Now, with the launch of the T-Mobile G2, we are re-teaming with our partners at Google and HTC to provide T-Mobile customers with another first — the first Android smartphone designed to deliver 4G speeds on our new network.”

With a tightly knit web of Google services, the G2 has been pre-loaded with Google Voice, Gmail, Google Maps and apps such as Google Goggles, Voice Actions from Google amongst others. The new Voice Actions feature incorporated into this handset facilitates users to easily control contacts, messages, web browsing and other activities. By employing Google Voice, customers can smoothly create a new account from their home screen. The service then transcribes the voice message into text, simplifying the task for users.

Andy Rubin, Vice President, Engineering, Google, explained, “One of the advantages of an open platform is the opportunity for developers to create rich mobile experiences and seamlessly get those experiences into the hands of consumers. From new services, such as Voice Actions, to mobile applications, developer-led Android innovation is flourishing. On Android Market alone, the number of applications available to consumers has grown from just 50 applications two years ago to more than 80,000 applications today.”

In conjunction with Qualcomm’s new HSPA+ capabilities and second generation application processor, the Snapdragon MSM7230 mobile processor boosts the operation of the handset. The processor operates with an 800MHz CPU while extending brilliant performance along with a long battery life as well as edge multimedia and web browsing. The smartphone also features a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack with stereo headset and Bluetooth support.

“Two years ago, HTC and T-Mobile worked together to deliver the world’s first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. From that start, Android has grown to be the leading smartphone platform in the U.S., and one of the most popular globally,” elucidated Peter Chou, chief executive officer, HTC Corporation. “With today’s announcement of the G2, HTC and T-Mobile are once again bringing a breakthrough Android product to market.”

Embedded with a HD video camera, the device can be used to record superior quality films. The 5MP camera with LED flash and autofocus can come handy for freezing candid moments. The offering has been embedded with the Microsoft Exchange e-mail, contacts and calendar as well as social networking and instant messaging capabilities. Pre-installed with an 8GB microSD card, the memory of the solution can be expanded up to 32GB.

Buyers located across the US can lay their hands on the G2 with Google exclusively from T-Mobile. Present customers of the company can pre-order the handset in limited quantity later this month.