Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Full 18ct Gold & Swarovski Edition revealed

iPhone 3GS Gold & Swarovski

Here’s a new magnificent offering from Goldstriker that puts forth the iPhone 3GS shimmering in 18ct gold. Besides, the ravishing device also adorns Swarovski crystals settled on its front side.

Yes, Goldstriker strikes in the iphone 3GS Full 18ct Gold & Swarovski Edition. Apart from the bezel, the navigation button also comes integrated with crystals. This 32GB iPhone 3GS model is factory (legal) unlocked worldwide, enabling one to upgrade to a newer firmware without freezing the device.

Posing in gold and Swarovski crystals, this glamorous model makes a perfect combination of technology and style. The device’s bezel adorns 300 crystals set like diamonds while the main navigation shows off 12 crystals.

This device could make a great option to all the fashionistas looking for that much required bling. The exquisite iPhone 3GS Full 18ct Gold & Swarovski Edition carries a price tag of £2,295.