MyDuniya makes sending files and e-mail without GPRS possible

MyDuniya logo Sending File attachments, Email via mobile sans GPRS possible? Yes, it is! And how? There is no need to scratch your brains to guess what makes it possible. Just look into your mobile phones and open the most humble and basic service in it – the Text Messaging Service.

The genius behind discovering the new possibility is Bangalore, India’s very own MyDuniya, the ‘Beyond Voice service platform for the mobile pervasive world’. Users can now send files, attachments and e-mails via SMS in an inexpensive way without the costly GPRS.

To avail the service, one needs to get registered with MyDuniya. The user can then upload files on the site and it is mandatory to label them in a way that they can be uniquely identified; for example xyz.file or name.file, etc.

After uploading, the file is ready to be sent to anyone by just SMSing

The low-budget method of SMS just costs Re 1. Now what more can you ask for? But hey, there is more!

The service can also be used to make and send business cards, create or join IM/chat room, even search wikipedia by typing in WIKI and sending it to 53695. Also, just like sending files and attachments, one can also send e-mails by typing in and sending it to 53695.

And we thought we were getting ahead in time with internet access and connectivity in mobile phones!

Unfortunately, the service is currently available in Bangalore only.

The good work of MyDuniya doesn’t stop there. It is also provides enterprise solutions as it is a two-way interaction platform. The enterprises/web portals can extend their data in the ‘mobile universe’.