Alltel Mobile Email Application officially released

Alltel Wireless logo An announcement by Alltel Wireless reveals the official launch of its very own application for reading emails on mobile phones called as the Alltel Mobile Email Application.

The application should give Alltel customers access to their web-based personal and work e-mail, contacts and even calendar events from their Windows Mobile smartphones and other select Alltel handsets. With no need for additional software or support, the application can be downloaded directly to the user’s handsets.

The Alltel Mobile E-mail software will allow users to connect to e-mail services like AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. To establish the connection to their phone, users simply need to enter in their username and password just once. In addition to this Alltel Mobile E-mail is compatible with Microsoft Outlook Web Access. This feature ensures customers sync their work calendars and contacts minus any IT support or any software.

The software also offers support to small and medium size businesses that can deploy the application using Workgroup Connector, powered by SEVEN. Workgroup Connector is a desktop software service that allows one computer to centrally manage mobile e-mail access for up to 25 employees and provides access to Microsoft Exchange and other POP/IMAP corporate e-mail servers.

While there is no exact release date, the service should be available for all Alltel handsets and for Windows Mobile operated phones.