Acer smartphones gearing up for a 2009 release

Acer Logo Acer has certainly sent the rumor mills spinning this year as far as its smartphone release is concerned. While the company was supposed to have introduced its smartphone by 2008, the mobile terrain is abuzz with news of an early 2009 release for the Acer smartphone.

Acer is apparently in the works for its very own smartphone along with Taiwan’s E-Ten Information Systems. There’s no word yet on the mobile phone’s model number or any other specifications. There are high chances however of the phone being powered on a Windows OS considering counterparts E-Ten’s expertise in the same field.

If company chairman JT Wang is to be believed then Acer will eventually have around 500 people in its smartphone division, starting with 200 brought over from E-Ten’s research and development department. The company is also looking forward to a significant growth in its smartphone business in the next 3 to 5 years.

Though there price and availability of the smartphone is unknown, it is expected to debut in Russia and Western Europe around the first quarter of 2009.