Celtrek- A New, Advanced Super-saver International SIM Card debuts

Celtrek International SIM Card Global Roaming has unveiled CelTrek, an international SIM card that works in more than 160 countries and can be used on almost any Quad band GSM phone, maintaining that it saves 50-90% over normal cellular roaming rates.

As a pre-paid service, with no contracts, or minimum usage requirements, users can easily buy CelTrek SIM cards, airtime, and GSM phones, check rates and manage their CelTrek account completely from their online web page, www.celtrek.com. Through the online rate calculator, users can see the amount of money they will save on international calls if they choose Celtrek over their home carrier.

What’s more, corporate accounts can manage large fleets of CelTrek loaded phones and airtime, with complete access to usage, location of usage, real time billing and call detailing from their “CelTrek Pro” account, also available at the CelTrek website. CelTrek offers corporate onsite training and 24/7 customer care to all customers to ensure they maximize the savings and service of their CelTrek experience.

CelTrek COO, Jenny Callicott said, “We have created a sensible and user friendly solution for low cost and high service international roaming. Just one CelTrek SIM card enables you to travel the world with all the features you’d expect from your home phone. Advanced voicemail, free incoming SMS/text messages, call waiting, recorded calls, conference calls, and more. Best yet, you’ll never have to search for phone cards or multiple SIMS again while traveling. CelTrek does it all at a price and service you’re going to love.”

Further more, CelTrek is offering users the choice of having a local US, UK or French phone number to use while traveling anywhere in the world.