Free Text Messaging Gadget for Google Desktop unveiled by CallWave in beta

CallWave Logo Mobile application provider CallWave has just released the beta version of its Free Text messaging gadget for Google Desktop. This tool allows mobile users to send text messages directly from their desktop itself.

The new text messaging gadget from CallWave will run in the “Communication” section of Google Desktop, and will allow users to view a list of contacts as well as select the person they would like to send a text message to.

A CallWave company official said that with consumers having difficulty text messaging using a mobile phone, its text messaging gadget will make it easier for users to contact members straight from their own PC.

CallWave’s new Free Text Messaging gadget also supports CallWave’s existing services such as CallWave Vtxt, a voice-to-text transcription service that integrates voice and text into an archive that can be accessed from a personal Web page.

“One of the largest barriers to text message usage is that it is difficult to text on a cell phone’s small interface,” said Kelly Delany, vice president of corporate marketing at CallWave, based in Santa Barbara, Calif.

“CallWave developed its text messaging gadget to simplify everyday communication activities – using the desktop to manage tasks that are difficult to do on a mobile phone”, she added.

Replies to messages can be sent to the users’ handset or email, depending on what their personal settings are. In the future, users will also be access to their stored messages stored in a searchable archive, which can be accessed from the users’ personal Web page.

The new gadget for Google Desktop from CallWave is available in beta. Users will be able to send unlimited messages during the beta phase from the United States and Canada.