Sony Ericsson builds-in Zi’s eZiType Technology in the M600 Phone

Sony Ericsson M600 Sony Ericsson has incorporated Zi Corp.’s eZiTypeT product on its new M600 mobile phone and email device. Zi’s technology will authorise M600 users with prediction and auto-correction capabilities for its keyboard use enhancing the user’s overall input experience with the new device.

Launched in February 2006, the Sony Ericsson M600 pohne is a fully-specified email tool and mobile phone with a sleek design feature and a touch screen. The M600 is the second Symbian OS 9.1 and UIQ 3.0 enabled phone in the Sony Ericsson portfolio, offering users with the ability to customise the device.

Zi, a provider of intelligent interface solutions, said its typing rectification and word completion technology allows users to take full advantage of the M600’s dual function keyboard for sending emails or text messages.

Brendan Press, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Sony Ericsson said, “By combining Zi Corp.’s innovative word prediction and auto-correction features with the ergonomic design of the M600, text messages, email messages and the overall text input becomes a more intuitive and enjoyable process for all users.

“With industry analysts predicting explosive growth in the mobile email market, the small keyboard-based interface of most devices will present a number of challenges for new users,” said Zi Corp.’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer Milos Djokovic.

Djokovic continued, “eZiType empowers users with full-word prediction and auto-correction technologies, enhancing the overall user experience with any mobile email device. As one of the first manufacturers to embed eZiType into its mobile email device line-up, Sony Ericsson is enabling M600 users to compose words more quickly and therefore send more messages.”

Apt for physical and virtual keyboard-based mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs and gaming consoles, eZiType improves the mobile email user’s text entry experience by increasing typing speed and spelling precision. Comprising an auto-correction feature that automatically presents word corrections for misspelled words combined with Zi’s analytical text technology, eZiType eliminates many of the text entry challenges associated with small form factor keyboards by enhancing composition of email and short messages.