Da Vinci Code virus now attacks Mobile Phones

Cross inside eye A computer bug which goes by the name of this controversial film has affected a number of mobile phones as well as laptops in Mumbai city. As if the controversy surrounding the release of the Da Vinci code wasn’t enough. Apparently this virus is a very common one, which was simply renamed as the Da Vinci Code in order to attract phone and laptop users to accept it.

The virus spreads via the wireless Bluetooth technology and it causes this message to appear on Bluetooth devices: ‘Receive message via Bluetooth from Da Vinci Code?’Today the controversy that surrounds this fictional book and movie is enough to generate curiosity from the receiver of the message. Once the user accepts the message, the virus enters the system and destroys the phone’s data. To top it all, an image depicting an eye and a cross appears on the desktop and phone’s gallery.

Mridul Sharma, and operations manager at an event management firm, received the virus during a presentation a few days ago. “The Da Vinci Code name actually excited me. I assumed the file was either an MMS clipping or a still and accepted it “. His entire system collapsed and all the data was deleted. He had to format his mobile hard disk and reload the software.

One should be very careful when accepting unknown files via Bluetooth. Looks like phone technicians might have to crack yet another code, besides decoding the highly controversial film: The Da Vinci Code which is to be released in India over the next few days.