Casio W41CA Mobile Phone Features 2.6 inch Wide Screen Display

Casio W41CA Mobile Phone Casio announced in Japan the launch W41CA mobile phone which features a liquid crystal 2.6 inch wide screen display.

The Casio W41CA mobile phone showcases a 2.6 inch display with a wide 240x400px resolution ideal for watching movies and other videos. The Casio W41CA Mobile Phone comes with a 2.1 mega pixel digital camera, USB port, miniSD card slot, FeliCa electronic payment support, support of au’s Listen mobile music service, FM Tuner, stereo speaker and large 70 MB internal memory.

Casio W41CA phone measures 49x103x22mm and weighs 126g. The W41CA is compact and slim folding phone. Casio W41CA cell phone is currently only available in Japan and comes in three colours fjord black, fiesta orange and nordic white.