SmartTrust releases a list of Predictions for Indian Mobile Users

SmartTrust logo Are you ready for a mobile radio or a mobile wallet or even mobile gaming? Well you had better be, because SmartTrust, a mobile device management company has expressed its views on some of the hottest mobile topics in the mobile phone industry that Indian consumers can expect to hear and probably see in the year 2007. And things are sure looking good for us Indians.

It was found that India recorded around 6.2 million new mobile subscribers in September 2006 alone. The Indian Mobile users trend has urged operators to offer low-priced handsets as well as advanced services. In fact, the availability of cheaper 3G handsets is a major factor that will drive the growth of 3G throughout India. Another factor in favor of 3G services is that it will provide more efficient services for high-end applications such as Mobile TV.

In fact, Indian Mobile service providers such as Bharti Airtel, MTNL, BSNL and Hutchison Essar are already testing their 3G networks. This little bit of information can allow us to conclude that 3G is definitely the new way to go.

Here are some of the new services Indian consumers can expect to use come 2007:

Mobile TV: The concept of Mobile TV seems to creating a huge buzz in the Indian market. Besides, with the advent of 3G, Mobile TV services may just create new business avenues for content creators and broadcasters. Globally, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Motorola have already launched their mobile TV handsets. You can be sure to expect mobile TV soon in 2007.

Mobile IM: Mobile IM, a feature that Yahoo! has made popular is sure getting well known all over the globe. Mobile IM depends on the popularity and penetration of GPRS. We already have great GPRS services in India. But Mobile IM is something that will surely gain popularity in India as well in the future.

Mobile Wallet: What’s a mobile wallet? Well, basically with such a service user are able to conduct transactions for shopping, bill payments, entertainment and travel, over their mobile phones. The concept of Mobile Wallet or Mobile payments is not very popular in India as yet, but looking at the statistics, we are sure that India may just be ready for the Mobile Wallet age. Currently, India has 100 million mobile subscribers, 45 million credit or debit card holders and more than 38 million Internet users. So there you go!

Mobile Radio: In India we have seen that the Internet revolution has played a positive role and has greatly contributed in many ways. The closely related Internet Radio will then be the future of entertainment. In fact, companies such as Geodesic have launched a mobile radio service in India called “Mundu Radio”.

Lastly, a mobile service which cannot afford to be left out is mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is likely to make waves in the next few years, considering the fact that the gaming scenario is fast picking up in India. In fact, Indian mobile games development companies such as Mobile2Win, IndiaGames, and Dhruva Interactive have tied up with more than 50 mobile operators in India as well as abroad. So you can expect to see Indian mobile gaming to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years.