First TFT-LCD Panel for Next-Generation Mobile Phones developed by LG.Philips LCD

LG.Philips LCD logo LG.Philips LCD has announced that it has developed the industry’s first liquid crystal display (LCD) panel for next-generation mobile phones, thereby giving a crystal clear playback for video clips.

The South Korean-Dutch tie-up said its new two-inch (five centimetre) display would make way for “exciting mobile entertainment possibilities.”

The display has a faster response time than the current ones, allowing it to play back sharp high-quality video from next-generation digital broadcasts and mobile communication technology, it said.

The display’s 16ms (milli-second) response time is 36 percent faster than the fastest TFT-LCD panels currently used for mobile phones, it said. A milli-second is one thousandth of a second.

LG.Philips LCD’s Vice President and head of the Small and Medium Displays Business Unit, Mr. Hyun He Ha, said, “This product breaks the 20ms response time barrier, which was thought to be the limit for mobile phone TFT-LCD panels. As the first such TFT-LCD product with a response time in the teens, we will be able to fill demand in the mobile display market for displays that can display high-resolution video and consume little power. We plan to start mass producing these panels this year.”

The world’s second largest flat-panel maker said the new display would not cause after-images or ghosting, which reduce the picture quality for high-definition video.