Microsoft and Bouygues Telecom collaborate to launch Mobile Music Service

Microsoft Logo and Bouygues Telecom Logo Software giant, Microsoft and well-known French Telecom provider Bouygues Telecom have announced their collaboration to launch a new mobile music service in France in 2007.

“By using Microsoft’s proven Windows Media technologies, we meet customers’ needs and requests for better integration of their mobile handsets into the home digital ecosystem,” Bouygues Multimedia Mobile Director Benoit Louvet said in a release. “With this improvement, mobile handsets will communicate more easily and smoothly with other multimedia devices.”

Bouygues Cell phones will be tailored for the service provided by Microsoft and will be able to play music downloaded from more than 100 online music services around the world. Besides, Bouygues handsets will also support music content that is ripped from CDs.

Bouygues telecom will use Windows Media to deliver content to users either wirelessly to mobile handsets, or via the internet to Windows-based personal computers. Content that is purchased from the Bouygues service will be compatible for playback on Windows-based computers and more than 120 portable media player models, Microsoft reported.

“Our collaboration will extend the growing landscape of interoperable devices and scenarios using the Windows Media platform,” Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president of Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft, said in a release. “We’re committed to innovating and evolving our digital media technologies in ways that enable our partners to deliver entirely new mobile entertainment offerings.”