MobiTV announces availablity of its Mobile Television Service that runs on Windows Mobile Software

MobiTV Logo and Phones On June 27, MobiTV, a provider of television and digital radio services for mobile, wireless and broadband enabled devices announced that it’s MobiTV mobile television service is available on devices that run on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software.

“The combination of Windows Mobile and MobiTV delivers a rich multimedia experience empowering people to take their favorite entertainment with them wherever they go,” said James Pratt, Microsoft’s lead product manager, in the statement.

, MobiTV and the Redmond-based software giant Microsoft demonstrated the mobile television service on devices powered by Windows Mobile and on the Microsoft Windows Media platform for the launch of MobiTV’s new Pc service. “Windows Mobile is particularly well-suited for multimedia, and the experience is amazing,” said Ben Feinman, MobiTV’s director of product management. “We think everyone needs to see it to believe it.”

Content from popular television channels such as MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ESPN and The Discovery Channel is now also available through MobiTV’s mobile service.

Emeryville, California-based MobiTV’s mobile television service is now available for devices that run Windows Mobile 5.0 for $9.99 per month plus the cost of an unlimited monthly data service from the user’s cell phone provider.

MobiTV has now been made compatible to smart phones such as the Palm Treo 700p, TReo 600, Treo 650 and the Motorola Q. People can subscribe to MobiTV’s newest service via the Web site and can download the software directly from their cell phones.