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Mobile Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

mobile marketing Mobile marketing involves attracting customers by connecting with them through their smartphones. While mobile marketing can be very effective, there are certain marketing mistakes that you should avoid if you want your efforts to be successful. Below are just a few mobile marketing mistakes to avoid – and what you should do instead.

Splurging on an app that no-one wants to use

There’s no point in spending huge amounts on a company app that no-one will use. For a company app to be successful, there need to be clear benefits to downloading it. An app could give customers access to exclusive discounts (it could even serve as a digital loyalty card, allowing customers to build points on purchases). It could allow customers to monitor progress (such as monitoring a delivery or monitoring the progress of a marketing campaign). When building an app, make sure that these benefits are clearly advertised. To stop you from overspending on your app, it’s also worth shopping around for developers – some app development services are cheaper than others and could be more appropriate for a smaller business.

Failing to make your website mobile-friendly

Over half of website users are now on mobile devices. It’s therefore important that your website is mobile-friendly, otherwise, you could fail to convert a lot of customers. The mobile version of your site needs to display differently from the PC version – ideally, the text should be larger so that it can be read easily on a smartphone screen, while the CTA buttons should be bigger so that they can be easily tapped.

Underutilizing QR codes

Instead of printing out your website address on flyers and posters, it makes sense to use QR codes. These codes allow customers to easily open up your website by scanning them with their phone camera instead of having to manually type out your website address. QR codes can be used on pretty much any form of print marketing from business cards to vehicle signage. There are lots of free sites that you can use to make a QR code. Make sure that you’re using these.

Not frontloading email subject lines

A lot of people now check their emails on their phones. When checking your inbox on your phone, you may notice that only a few characters from the subject line appear. This means that when sending emails to customers, you ideally want to put the most important information at the beginning of the email subject.

Sending too many text messages

SMS mailing lists allow you to send customers updates and promotions by text. However, just like email mailing lists, you need to be careful of sending customers too many texts. If customers are getting too many texts, they’ll quickly unsubscribe – particularly as texts can feel more invasive than emails. Try not to send more than one text per week to your mailing lists so that you don’t annoy your subscribers. You can read more about SMS marketing here.