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Mobile Marketing: 5 New cool trends to watch out for

apps-on-phone Today’s world is run by mobile devices and apps are taking the market by storm. Billions of people around the world use mobile devices on a daily basis and they spend the majority of their time on them browsing apps. Mobile usage can essentially be broken down into five main categories: social networking, messaging, gaming, video viewing and digital audio.

This presents some interesting new obstacles for marketers who have become familiar with advertising through web browsers. In order to make the most out of advertising campaigns today, it is essential to understand the innovative ways in which marketing can be used to reach app users. Here are five cool new trends to watch out for in the world of mobile marketing.

Analyzing Geo-Behavior

Using geolocation to analyze the location patterns of mobile users over a period of time is a very effective way to tab into consumer behaviors and trends. Analyzing geo-behavior can be used to increase a user’s engagement with an app, thus extending the period of time they spend using it. It can also be used to customize marketing solutions such as location-based campaign optimization, geo-targeting and footfall attribution measurement.

Use Relevant Advertising

No one wants to be bombarded with obtrusive and irrelevant ads. Analyzing geo-behavior can help marketers target ads based on consumer behavior, so that the ads a user sees actually relate to their location and interests.

Using Rewarded Videos Effectively

Among the gaming community, rewarded videos have become a popular means of marketing and app monetization when employed correctly. Rewarded videos provide a way for users to pay for game content without spending money. When you analyze the users interests based on a specific game and target the content of the videos to play on those interests, the chances of increasing your app revenue rise.

Text Marketing is the New Direct Mail

text-mailMarketing though text messaging is basically today’s version of direct mail marketing, and when done right, it can be a very effective way to reach out to consumers and get them to purchase a product or service. With an online SMS service, you’ll be able to reach customers on the device they use the most… their mobile phone. Including a trackable element in your marketing messages is a great way for you to analyze how effective your campaign is.

Reminders, Coupons and Special Offers

When you use text messaging for marketing, there are a few rules you should be sure to follow. First, you want to make your call-to-action a clear and concise one that doesn’t contain too much content. Also, your offer should be exclusive, engaging, personalized, timely and easy for the user to act on. Following these key elements greatly increases your chances of converting text viewers into subscribers for whatever you’re selling, be it a product, service or app.

Powerful Marketing Assistance

Diving into this new realm of mobile marketing can be overwhelming, which is why there is a premium monetization platform out there that can help you make the most of your efforts. Take advantage of services like behavior and location data collection, app growth and re-engagement, campaign promotions and more. These services are designed to help you target your consumer base and succeed at monetizing your app through innovative marketing strategies.