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Mobile Leads the Way for Online Gambling


Considering that smartphones have been around for several years now, it’s perhaps quite surprising that mobile hasn’t been the dominant platform for online gambling for much of that time, despite rapid growth since 2012. However, in the last two years alone, there’s been a complete sea-change.

At first, the switch to mobile for the online gambling industry appeared to be slow on the uptake, suggesting that people generally preferred to stick with traditional desktop PC and laptop devices. However, the continued improvements in mobile technology have accounted for a remarkable boom.

Since 2012 when mobile accounted for just 6% of all online gambling transactions, the growth of this sector has almost doubled year on year. According to statistical data, the breakthrough came in 2016, when mobile accounted for 55% of all online gambling transactions. Figures for 2017 show that 62% of all online gambling transactions were via mobile devices.

The UK is often considered the most powerful hub for the gambling industry, with most of the leading companies based there, or amongst its territories such as Gibraltar and Isle of Man. Latest government statistics and data for the UK alone, show that in an industry which generated a gross yield of £13.9 billion between 2016 and 2017, online gambling accounted for 35% of the total market share.

While many players still use multiple platforms, there appears to be a strong demand for consistency amongst them all, meaning that mobile apps are now shaping the functionality of other tech, such as desktop and laptop PC’s, as users place a greater focus on ease of use. Several trends have also underlined the increased use of mobile as the platform of choice for the future.

With such a plethora of online gambling options and apps available, it appears that many people still crave a more personal touch to their gaming, such as the live casino at William Hill, with real dealers for games such as roulette and blackjack. Greatly improved streaming technology on mobile devices, has undoubtedly helped interaction with dealers and other players in the most popular games.

Likewise, networks offering increased data available at reduced costs, means that more powerful applications are also establishing a stronger footing on mobile, compared to other platforms. In 2018 and beyond, Virtual Reality (VR) looks set to boom faster than ever before, even though most of us have known about the tech for more than two decades.

It’s only recently that VR has become so widely available to the masses, thanks to falling prices for VR hardware and software. Indeed, Business Insider has predicted a massive boom in wireless VR headset sales, which of course, will be powered by mobile technology. Undoubtedly, the online gambling industry will be paying close attention to this sector, with some companies already offering the VR experience to their customers.

Behind all of these mobile innovations, essentially, is the desire for people to engage and interact in gaming, on the move, and from any location. Likewise, with online gambling now legal in Japan and the USA, the online gambling sector will continue to grow exponentially, particularly in two countries where mobile is king.