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Mobile Firefox Prototype Rolled Out

Mozilla Firefox logo Surfing the worldwide web is great if you are using a computer, be it a desktop or a laptop. Though we have browsers such as the Internet Explorer or Opera, a majority of people are shifting their allegiance towards the Firefox. However, users accessing the internet using a mobile device haven’t had that privilege as a mobile version of Firefox has been in development but there hasn’t been any significant information from that side.

Now it has emerged that an early prototype of the mobile version of the Firefox browser is out. The mobile browser, which is codenamed as Fennec, has been aimed at the developers; reason being that it is still in the pre-alpha stages. Also, one more thing that has been stated is that this prototype of the Firefox browser is suggested for the Nokia N810 devices.

But still, if you want to get hold of the mobile Firefox prototype, you can go to the official Mozilla website. It is recommended that you directly download the Fennec browser from the Nokia N810. After you click (from your Nokia N810), you will get a prompt to install it, after which it will be put in the phone’s “Extras” category. The Fennec shows a lot of promise and is based off of post-Firefox 3 beta 4 source code.

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The Fennec has made a lot of progress. A Mozilla technical evangelist has posted a chart that indicates that the Fennec is nearly six times faster than the earlier Mozilla version. Most of the Firefox enthusiasts would be excited to try it. And it would be great if Firefox Mobile comes out soon as there would be so many new applications made by the community, which would surely make browsing from the mobile phones a nice experience.