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Mobile Apps That Can Help You Earn Money In 2020

Android Apps Who could imagine that digital applications were able to make money for us? Well, not in the 2000s and 2010s. Digital applications are on the way to earn us easy money every day.

It’s not always about the money. In the end, applications can help us to secure the future. When you have a reliable application paying you enough money for weekly groceries, it means a lot. Our main goal is to compile the list of apps that can help you earn money and save enough to have a good 2020. We will touch almost every industry where people can make a few grand every month.

Applications for Photographers and Videographers

Photo and Videographer became very popular in the previous decade. It could be related to the popularity of Instagram and Facebook. Social networks have changed the world of photographers entirely. Now, it’s essential to have creative and original photos and videos. At the same time, Google and other search engines became strict about blogging owners who steal photos and videos. Many applications can help photo and videographers to make a name and earn enough money to live well.

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Foap – simple and easy idea turned into a million-dollar start-up idea. It’s a digital application that can help photographers to earn money. App has a contract with big agencies that need original photos and videos every day. You’ll meet thousands of private and general agencies that are ready to buy your content. The only downside of the application is that you will have to share the revenue with the app. As of now, Foap will take 50% of your revenue.

Plan for iGaming lovers

If you are in the iGaming industry, then you should know that it’s a profitable industry. We are not talking about horse or match betting, you should think on a big scale.

When you decide to use a strategic approach to digital gaming, then you’ll have a big chance to win. According to industry experts, it’s all about the right strategy and mindset. The space of the slot and artificial machines is growing every year. People can play online slots for real money and win a big if they use the right tools – mindset, strategy, and experience.

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IGaming could be an excellent source of passive income. Thousands of digital gamers earn passive income through slots and casino games. What’s their secret sauce? Well, it depends on the games they love to play. It may sound cliché, but it’s essential to play the game that’s interesting to you. If you enjoy playing strategy games, then you should choose that on digital casino platforms. When you play the games that you adore, the subconscious mind will lead you to places where strategy can’t.

Saving money is a new black

What are the trends to look after in 2020? Cash-back all the way. People love saving money, and it became a new trend in 2019. There are hundreds of new start-up applications that can help you save money on different stores. Even the biggest names in the industry – Nike, Adidas, Pizza Hut, etc.have particulars codes of cash-back.

What’s the best application for cash-back? Rakuten Rewards. Formerly known as Ebates, “Rakuten Rewards” now can save you hundreds of dollars during the shopping. Who would deny the extra money for shopping? Well, that’s the secret sauce of Rakuten’s success.

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If you plan to buy Nike Air Jordan, then you should search for it through the Rakuten Rewards application. That little digital app will help you to find the best source where you will get cash-back. Rakuten may offer you 10, 20, or even 30% cash-back. When the shoe is worth $300, you may get $30, $60, or $90 as a cash-back. That’s another quick cash to buy other things during the shopping.

Get paid for your opinion

Surveys became accessible from the start of the internet. It was the first source of making money. From the beginning, people could not earn much money from it, but over the years, the industry has of surveys has evolved.

Google Opinion Rewards is a smart algorithmic application that can pay you money for your opinion. You’ll be asked about different things (hotels, TV shows, movies, theatres, political movements, etc.), and the answer should be honest. You may get paid up to $1-5 for each survey.

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