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Mobile Apps That Give Real Money

iphone The market for smartphones has grown so much. There is a high chance that 3 out of every 3 people on the bus home will have a smartphone. Also important to note is that the people will not just have their smartphones but will probably be on them the entire trip reading, playing games, checking out social media sites, listening to music and watching movies, among other activities. For such a long time, the smartphones have been regarded as a waste of time because of the amount of time people spend on these sites. But what if this was not entirely true? What if you can be on your phone and make real money while at it?

Well, the good news is that now, you can make money while taking a break during lunch hour, or during transit from one place to another or even during your free time when you are trying to catch something on your phone. More and more Apps are being created where you are asked to take part in a small task, and earn real money while at. The Apps vary from their objectives to the amount that they pay for each task. Here are a few ways to earn real money through your smartphone.

Mobile Casino Sites

Many online casinos have taken on the mobile sites with the intention of attracting players that would rather gamble using their handheld devices. Mobile phones are quite convenient. Their sizes make them portable and more people can afford them making them a preferred mode of carrying out any online activity. Mobile casinos were a realization by casino stakeholders that the online market was slowly shifted to handheld devices and there was a need for them to embrace this trend. Stakeholders in the gambling industries encouraged developers to create either apps that can be downloaded from the Operating System’s store to the phone’s interface. Other sites can be accessed directly through a browser on the phone. The player is then required to log into the casino which will be customized to fit the size of the phone’s screen.

While casinos offer mobile & desktop free Buffalo slot machine games with free-slot-no-download.com, they have also come up with ways to which clients can pay to play at the casino with real money. With the interfaces made to fit the size of your mobile device, once you have made payment, either through mobile banking or internet banking, then you can start playing your real game on the mobile site.

Interestingly, even as we celebrate the ability to be able to play for real money games through the phone, this hasn’t always been the case. Matter of fact, the Android OS did not host Apps of gambling games with real money. Even now, Google does not allow real money casinos on Android phones. Players have however found ways through which you can play your favorite casino game on an Android phone and still walk away with real money.

Survey on the Go

In this App, you get to carry out surveys for various entities; jury trials, Political campaigns and surveys for fortune 500 companies. The payment is usually between $0.25 to $5 with $1 being the most common payment.


This app rewards you for shopping at certain stores. When you walk in or shop there, you earn “kicks”. These kicks can be unlocked for some cash prizes or can be used to pay for commodities.


This App will ask you to take pictures of things: food, shoes, bag, etc. You can tag the owners/makers of these products. From this app you earn some money with every assignment, you get done and upload the photo.


On this app, you will be asked to take on assignments. Taking pictures of a site, trying out a new restaurant, and mystery shopping are some of the tasks that may be assigned to you. The rates for this app are between $10 to %15 per hour.


Earn money while you work on your ideal weight! GymPact rewards you every time you walk into a casino and work out for at least 30 minutes. If you fail to hit the gym, you have to pay up as well. So the money you pay is used to pay those who went, and if they miss you go, you stand to earn between $0.25 to $0.75


This app has created a partnership with many stores that reward you with real money every time you shop at these stores. Just trying the app will earn you $10. If you share the love bonus that lets someone redeem any of the 5 products on offer within the first 2 weeks, you earn another $10.


When you get into a supermarket or grocery store, you buy a product and scan it using the app. You will earn points which you can redeem with items from Amazon.com or with gift cards from other retailers.

ESPN Streak for the Cash

This app encourages fans of sports to make predictions for 10 different sports. The 10 different predictions must win and also have the highest winning streak. If you or your team gets the highest streak for 10 predictions for 10 different games, you earn $50,000 monthly.


Take a picture of various things, upload it on the Foap site and sell them for $10.