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Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Cases: Sleek and Durable

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Cases Let’s face it — Apple’s MagSafe cases for the iPhone 14 series are just not that attractive, especially the clear case which comes with a giant magnet cut out in the shape of a power icon. It takes away from the aesthetic simplicity of the smartphone’s smooth, logo-adorned rear side.

Since Apple doesn’t sell the clear case as clear one would like it to be, you might feel better off checking out options such as the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro cases or Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max cases, depending on your iPhone model. Apart from being able to get a clear case without the disagreeable-looking MagSafe magnet at the back, you can also choose from subtle color gradations.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max come in four color options of gold, silver, purple and black. They cost upwards of $999. So you’d obviously want to ensure that they’re as well protected as possible, while also being able to show off how good they look.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Clear Case: Protective features

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases Before we get down to the aesthetics, let’s discuss the protective features of the Mkeke case. It looks like a simple, clear case made out of polycarbonate at first glance. But there’s more going on than your eyes may take in initially.

All four edges of the cover have air cushioning to absorb the shock of impact if you happen to drop your phone. What about the front and back, you ask? The screen is meant to be protected from shattering by a raised lip of 1.9mm that runs all around it.

The single cutout around the rear cameras has bezels that are 3.5mm high to prevent the lenses from getting scratched even when you put the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max down on a flat surface, because they won’t be touching anything at all. Mkeke iPhone Cases Mkeke promises that apart from the case offering military-grade protection, it also lends a grip-friendly feel, and boasts of a scratch-resistant coating on the interior and exterior. All the materials and coatings are said to be optimized to discourage that annoying yellowing which occurs with some clear cases.

Design and color options

The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cases feature visibly well-aligned cutouts for the cameras, speakers and Lightning port. The volume rockers and lock button don’t have cutouts. But they’re easily clickable.

There’s a cutout for the dedicated mute button above the volume keys, of course. Mkeke hasn’t put any magnets in the case to keep it tightly anchored to the MagSafe wireless charger. But you can still use this charging dock as intended without having to take your iPhone out of the case. Mkeke iPhone Case Colors We’ve already spoken about the anti-yellowing materials used in the case. This brings us to the very last bit about color options. It is possibly one of our favorite things about the protective cover. The first option is obviously the completely clear case.

If you prefer a bit of color, there are some gorgeous gradient color combinations to pick from. Mkeke offers it in gradient black clear, gradient purple pink, gradient blue clear, gradient purple green, gradient purple blue and more.

So how much is the Mkeke case retailing for?

That depends on whether you want the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro case or the iPhone 14 Pro Max case, as well as the finish. The fully clear case for the Pro was selling at the price of $16.99 when we last checked, while the same for the Pro Max was going at $18.99.

With the holidays coming up, in case you’re looking for a thoughtful present for an eco-conscious friend or family member with an iPhone 14, you might like to know that the cases are certified “Climate Pledge Friendly”. This means that the carbon footprint of the product was calculated and all associated emissions were offset.