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Mitsubishi rolls out Blu-ray Recorders with Touch Screen Remote Controller

Mitsubishi's Blu-ray Recorders

Mitsubishi has rolled out DVR-BZ200 and DVR-BZ100, the company’s two new models from the latest “REAL Blu-ray” Blu-ray Disc recorder series. While DVR-BZ200 comes with a 500GB HDD, the DVR-BZ100 bundles a 250GB HDD. These new products mark Mitsubishi’s entry into the Blu-ray recorder market.

DVR-BZ200 and DVR-BZ100 bundle two tuners for each of the terrestrial digital, BS digital and 110-degree CS digital broadcasts, so they can concurrently record two digital broadcast programs in high definition (HD) mode. In addition, the Blu-ray recorders also include a terrestrial analog tuner. Easy playback, recording and other operations can be achieved that to the incorporation of Mitsubishi’s new “REALINK” capability compatible with its “REAL” LCD TVs in the recorders.

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Interestingly, Mitsubishi’s new Blu-ray players will feature MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 recording directly to blank DVDs instead of costlier Blu-ray discs.

Two remotes are packed with the Blu-ray recorders, wherein the first one is the standard remote controller and the other one is equipped with a touchscreen LCD panel, which displays key buttons on the LCD panel in accordance with the option selected by the user

Mitsubishi “REAL Blu-ray” Blu-ray Disc recorders DVR-BZ200 and DVR-BZ100 will hit Japanese stores on 24th May, 2008. Info about its pricing shall be made known soon. No word on its international release.

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