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Cool Minecraft House Ideas [For Every Type of Player]

Cool Minecraft House Ideas Searching for cool Minecraft house ideas to build your next dream project? Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at the game, we’ve got you covered. From simple wooden houses to beautiful beach houses and villas, we hope to stir your creative juices with a dash of inspiration.

Building is as essential to Minecraft as aiming is to CS:GO. And building a house is perhaps one of the most important undertakings you’ll embark upon in this sandbox video game. Whatever world you choose to explore in it, you’ll inevitably find yourself in need of setting up a sanctuary of your own.

The possibilities offered by Minecraft are limitless because there are multiple worlds as well as so many different blocks to mess around with. For a player looking to build their starter Minecraft house or even their tenth, the choices can sometimes feel mind-boggling.

Mountain Dwelling Juns Mab Architecture
Mountain Dwelling by JUNS MAB Architecture (see video posted below)

Fortunately, your imagination need not be alone in your quest to build your dream home. There are plenty of awesome house ideas you can take inspiration from. Whether your goal is to go old-school and create a farmhouse or medieval house, or you’re in the mood for something modern like a villa or a beach house, this guide will definitely whet your appetite.

The Minecraft community has truly awe-inspiring creations which you can not only marvel at but also try to top with your next build. You can try these out in creative mode first before raising the stakes with the survival mode.

1. Wooden House: Simple Yet Beautiful

YouTube video

A wooden house is a pretty common sight in Minecraft. Not surprising, considering wood and stone are some of the easiest materials to collect in the game. But that shouldn’t mean your wooden house needs to ‘look’ common as well.

With some unique tweaks and a sense of style, you can throw together a wooden cabin in the woods or even a mansion to house all your stuff. Wooden houses offer great flexibility, are scalable for future expansions, and are much quicker to build as compared to some other options on the list.

If you’re looking for a quaint little cabin-like house, then this tutorial by YouTuber Rizzial will come in handy. You will have a 3-story starter house with ample space ready in no time.

YouTube video

What if you want to build a big, fancy architectural showpiece? Well, you can take some ideas from the JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial above. The video shows a pleasing, two-story wooden house with thick, statement walls and a cantilevered upper deck.

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2. Farmhouse: A Great Start

Farmhouse SheepGG It’s only a matter of time before you start running out of space and need to expand to grow your crops and keep your livestock. This is where building a farmhouse makes sense.

Why not take the time and effort to create a spacious farmhouse instead of having to expand later? When it comes to cool Minecraft houses, farmhouses are a great way to build complete homes that not only give you a sense of self-sufficiency but are visually arresting as well.

YouTube video

Look no further than the above tutorial by SheepGG which shows you how to build an elaborate farmhouse ensconced in the forest.

3. Treehouse: The Childhood Dream

Early in the game, you might not have amassed a wealth of materials and other resources to be able to build complicated houses. A treehouse is one option that’s perfect for such situations.

Treehouse Grian Easy to build, they look cute and functional at the same time. A treehouse deep in the jungle can quickly become one of your most treasured Minecraft houses.

A useful guide to help you choose the kind of treehouse you want comes from YouTuber Grian in his video below which shows three different styles you can go with.

YouTube video

Since they’re quite small in size, they don’t take too much time to craft. Grian says each might take around 40 minutes to make in survival mode, and about half that time in creative mode.

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4. Medieval House: Go Goth

Goth Mansion Kelpie The Fox If you’re a fan of medieval RPGs, chances are you’ve already dreamed of having a gothic castle of your own. Maybe decked with wall lanterns, secret lairs, and cobblestone walls? Or are you considering a cozy, little village house situated in the countryside?

Well, you can certainly bring your imagination to life as there are some splendid house designs created by the community. In terms of mansion ideas, we really fancy this gothic mansion from YouTuber Kelpie The Fox and thought we’d share it with you here.

YouTube video

Although this tutorial can seem a bit advanced with its multiple stories and slightly complicated construction, you should definitely give it a shot because you will get some new ideas in the process.

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5. Suburban House: American Beauty

Suburban Home Design By Rizzial There’s a certain everyday beauty in a suburban house. Rows and rows of compact, homely and lovingly-constructed houses are a common and relaxing sight in the real world. What if you wanted to replicate this feeling in your Minecraft world?

A suburban house is a radical shift from the wooden and medieval houses shown above, both in its aesthetics and the materials needed. For the suburban house design posted below by Rizzial, you’ll need concrete, quartz, and stone bricks along with other materials.

YouTube video

Complete with a basement, garage, and porch, this home comes with a strong foundation and a raised platform. The color palette chosen by Rizzial is especially soothing. You are free to make your unique tweaks to this design, of course.

6. Modern Minecraft House: Luxurious Effort

Modern Home WiederDude If you’re itching for a modern, luxurious house with contemporary elements like floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a personal swimming pool, there are great house ideas to get you going.

Players in Minecraft have left no ‘blocks’ unturned while bringing to life ultra-modern houses befitting of their character’s stature. Whether you want a cantilevered deck throwing shade over your front porch or a mansion reminiscent of a Palo Alto property, there is no dearth of house inspiration ideas to pick from.

YouTube video

Make room for this great Minecraft modern house idea from WiederDude. This tutorial is easy yet powerful and will give you plenty of cues to build your own modern Minecraft house.

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7. Japanese House: Go The Traditional Way

Japanese Dwelling BlueBits If you’re still not seeing something you like, you’ll probably fall for something more traditional and different. Houses inspired by traditional Japanese architecture are a great way to stand out in the game.

Japanese houses come in a variety of styles and shapes — from compact suburban homes to a pagoda — and are some of the best Minecraft house ideas, according to us.

Check out this two-story house from BlueBits, with Dark Prismarine used in the construction and some really cool interiors.

YouTube video

If you want to go the pagoda way, there’s a great tutorial by SheepGG to construct your ultimate Japanese pagoda. Dark Oak pillars and coral blocks give this traditional house a serene appearance.

8. Underground House: Take the Show Subterranean

Underground Base Folli What if you’re done with living above ground like all other people and want to shift your quarters underground? You can do so with an underground dwelling by using one of the many fresh house ideas out there.

Note that to build an underground house, you’ll need to do some digging to carve out sufficient space for it. Our best pick is this ‘small and simple underground base’ from YouTuber Folli that won’t take you an eternity to build.

YouTube video

You’ll mostly need is some cobblestone, oak planks, and spruce wood to set you up for your build. And needless to say, it’ll be one of your most unusual shelters ever in this game.

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9. Beach House: A Dip in the Sand

Beach House Creative Craft For those of you looking to move away from land-locked residencies altogether and make a seaside settlement, a beach house would be the perfect option.

Seeing the sunset from your sprawling beach-side estate or a rustic shack after a hard day of exploration is well worth the effort you’ll be putting in. A beach house in Minecraft is well suited to people who long for peace and solace, away from the mobs and annoying creepers.

YouTube video

Creative Craft’s white, double-story beachside mansion will instantly spur you on to pick up your shovel and start working on your own beach house.

You’ll primarily need lots of white concrete, sandstone, and quartz slabs to complete a similar build yourself.

10. Minecraft Villa: Cool it with a Pool

Villa Design Akila Gaming Picture yourself lounging inside the spacious balcony of your multi-story villa, gazing out at the horizon and basking in pride for a job well done. If you like what you’re seeing, perhaps a villa is more up your alley.

You can amp up your villa’s cool quotient with a swimming pool, full-length glass windows, and an expansive garden. Whatever your heart desires, there will be a Minecraft villa for you.

YouTube video

Check out the tutorial above by Akila Gaming on how to build an awesome, no-expense-spared villa with modern interiors and never-ending hallways. There’s even a jacuzzi somewhere in there!

11. Simple Survival House: Start Small, Dream Big

Basic Build ZayPixel If you have decided to ditch the comforts of the Minecraft creative mode and want to test your mettle in the real (survival) world, you might need an easy-to-build survival house to last you till the near future.

There are many approaches to take while choosing from Minecraft survival house ideas, but perhaps the tried and tested way of going with a small wooden house is the best one.

YouTube video

Not requiring mansion-scale materials or needing hours to craft, Zaypixel’s easy-to-build survival house will fix you up in your early survival mode days.

12. Bonus: Easy House Ideas

We obviously couldn’t cover all of the brilliant designs created by the extremely talented Minecraft community. But this list would feel incomplete if we didn’t share some of our bonus picks — simple Minecraft house ideas that are strikingly beautiful to behold.

YouTube video

This is an easy Minecraft house build by Rizzial, where he remodels a village house and achieves a remarkable transformation with only a few minor changes like adding more trapdoors and modifying the roof.

Another amazing house design comes from JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial’s Mountain House video. The unique design idea is refreshing and yet easy to build in under 10 minutes. Check out the video above.

YouTube video

If you want to get away from civilization entirely and would prefer to live on the sea instead of in a cave, Shock Frost’s ocean survival base might appeal to your reclusive tendencies. You can expand your ocean base as and when you require and with this tutorial, you’ll have all the help you need.

13. Minecraft House Blueprints

If you’d like to go one step further and find detailed schematics to construct your dream house, there are plenty of sites that offer Minecraft house blueprints, complete with step-by-step instructions and an exhaustive materials list.

Your itch to build a house from scratch will be satisfied with the ever-surprising and awe-inspiring schematics submitted by the community.

Check out Grabcraft or Minecraftbuildinginc to discover masterpieces like the WesterosCraft, a Game of Thrones-like castle idea, or get one for Elsa’s Ice Castle from Frozen.

You can also personalize your dwelling by crafting furniture out of the available resources or adding a mod from the many available out there.

Wrapping Up

Minecraft house ideas are a world in themselves. The sheer amount of good options you have and the variety of design approaches you can take are mind-boggling. We’ve covered easy-to-build dwellings and elaborate ones, old-school architecture and modern houses, traditional house ideas and out-of-the-box designs.

There are infinite ideas for building a house in Minecraft littering the Internet, from iconic to pop culture house ideas. All you need is an imagination and the drive to put in the effort to craft one brick by brick, or should we say, block by block. We hope this guide managed to light that spark in you and provided you with valuable information to aid you in your quest to join the elite Minecraft builders out there.

And for those of you who’d like to try out the game, you can check out the Java edition which is available on the official Minecraft website. You can just pick the version you want and play it for free before you decide to buy it.