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#20 Best Minecraft Castle Ideas [And, How To Build Them]

Minecraft Castle Ideas For Your Build
Image: TheMythicalSausage (YouTube)

If you want to build the perfect Minecraft castle, you’ve come to the right place.

The best part about the game is that it’s a never-ending platform that keeps coming up with new ways to hook you.

If you’re a fan of the Survival mode, you already know how to create a shelter base to stay away from monsters during the night.

But now that you’re a master at creating such houses, why not try your hand at crafting some awesome Minecraft castles?

In the list, you’ll find a wide variety of different castles and all the necessary resources that you need to build them.

We’ve also included a video tutorial for each of these structures to give you an idea of how to go about constructing a new project.

So without wasting any more time, here are the best Minecraft castle ideas for you to try out.

1 – Simple Minecraft Castle

Simple Castle
Image: Gorillo (YouTube)

If you’re starting out, this simple construction by YouTuber Gorillo is a pretty easy yet awesome project to try out.

The video tutorial features the detailed process for erecting this structure complete with chimney, block by block.

YouTube video

Not only is it great for staying safe during the night, but it’s also visually stunning, which makes it a delight to create.

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This easy Minecraft build features a combination of stone bricks and wood that gives it a distinct look. And as a perfect cherry on top, it even has a hoisted flag.

2 – Minecraft Small Castle

Small Castle
Image: Balzy (YouTube)

If you’re looking for something smaller that you can make with fewer resources in the game’s Survival mode, go for this small castle by Balzy.

YouTube video

It can be built mostly with stone and cobblestone blocks, though it also needs a good amount of spruce blocks.

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This small Minecraft castle has a medieval look to it and the colorful banners on its walls enhance the appearance even more.

3 – Mini Medieval Minecraft Castle

Mini Castle
Image: CrystallineWolf (Grabcraft)

This one’s another easy-to-make building that’s only three layers high. It still comes with two towers and a few little rooms.

Created by user CrystallineWolf, you can find the blueprints on Grabcraft. You can make it with just about 1700 blocks of various kinds.

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Once you get hold of how to achieve this construction in Creative mode, you can try it in survival mode for an added challenge.

4 – Victorian Castle

Victorian Castle
Image: Axianerve (YouTube)

This one’s quite a complex build so you would need some experience under your belt before starting off on it.

Axianerve explains in a series of videos how to intricately craft this structure with red brick, white accents and hood moulds over the thoughtfully placed windows.

It needs you to gather a host of different materials and invest quite some time to build it in a proper manner.

YouTube video

Once you’re done with constructing the entire structure though, you will be pretty pleased with your achievement.

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The Minecraft house is extremely alluring from the outside as well as the inside.

5 – Feudal Japanese Osaka Castle

Feudal Japanese Osaka Castle
Image: Cortezerino (YouTube)

The city of Osaka is home to one of the country’s most beautiful tourist structures – the Osaka castle.

Built in the sixteenth century, this eight-story structure is surrounded by a series of moats and defensive fortifications.

YouTube video

There’s no surprise then that someone has recreated the Japanese castle in Minecraft.

The beautiful step-by-step instructions in the video by Cortezerino will help you create a castle that’s extremely similar to the actual site.

Be aware that this one too will ask for long hours of work from you.

6 – Feudal Japanese Tower Castle

Feudal Japanese Tower Castle
Image: _Zal_ (Grabcraft)

Here’s another Japanese castle you can make in Minecraft.

The brown and grey colored tower is fairly simple to craft if you use the blueprints and other details mentioned by _Zal_ on Grabcraft.

It’s got four levels and spacious interiors that provide you with ample space to hide from the monsters during the night.

And the fact that it boasts feudal oriental architecture lends it spectacular aesthetics.

7 – Dracula’s Castle

Dracula's Castle
Image: TrixyBlox (YouTube)

If you’re looking for a build that’s got a perfect gothic feel to it, look no further than this Dracula castle carved out by TrixyBlox.

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It’s an insane creation that will really test your patience. However, the end result makes it well worth all your best efforts.

YouTube video

The structure has a mysterious feel to it that’s enhanced by the intricate lighting present around it.

Not to mention it’s extremely large; so there’s plenty of space for you to wander around the inside.

8 – Disney Castle

Disney Castle
Image: SmallishBeans (YouTube)

For anyone who has watched Disney movies during their childhood days, the Disney castle holds special memories.

The iconic shape of this build, together with the star that shines above it is synonymous with great memories of watching some of the most moving animated films.

You’d be pleased to know that there’s a way you can recreate this structure in Minecraft.

The video tutorial by SmallishBeans is your ticket to making this build a reality in the game.

YouTube video

The Disney castle, which also happens to be the logo of The Walt Disney Company, is usually called the Cinderella Castle, as it was first featured in the said film.

It was preceded by the Sleeping Beauty castle that was shown at the start of Disney films until the 1970s.

Since 2006, we’ve been seeing a combination of both these structures and that’s the version you get to make in this Minecraft build.

9 – Arendelle Castle

Arendelle Castle
Image: TrixyBlox (YouTube)

Here’s another Disney build you can consider, it was featured in the animated film Frozen.

The home of Anna and Elsa is one more among these Minecraft castle ideas we’re presenting to you today.

It’s a perfect winter-themed structure that looks absolutely gorgeous from every angle, spires and all. This is another option on our list that’s made by TrixyBlox.

YouTube video

The east side of the Arendelle castle is where the main gates are located below a clock. In between two smaller doors, one on each side, these gates are connected via a bridge.

The doors are directly across from these gates and to the left and right of the gates are towers. This build also takes into account the rich interiors of the Arendelle castle.

10 – Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Castle
Image: Planet Dragonod (YouTube)

This is another iconic structure that holds a special place in the hearts of those who’ve watched and loved the Harry Potter films while growing up.

If you’re one of them, Planet Dragonod has a 31-episode video series on YouTube that gives step-by-step instructions on how to erect this castle with a mountain and lake view.

In case you’re wondering why so many episodes are needed, just take a look at the amount of perfect detailing that has gone into this build.

YouTube video

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer largeness of the build, do make sure to download the blueprints from the video description that will help make things easier for you.

This structure also includes the Quidditch ground that’s adjacent to it. The Hogwarts castle looks absolutely magnificent once built inside Minecraft.

11 – Dover Castle

Dover Castle
Image: English Heritage (YouTube)

You’re a history buff and want to recreate a real castle inside Minecraft? Here’s a beautiful structure you’d want to try out.

The original structure present in Kent, England, dates back to the eleventh century and has major historical significance.

YouTube video

It’s counted among the largest castles in England, which means you’re going to have to spend quite some time building this one.

This structure carved by The Yogscast has been done in partnership with the charity, English Heritage.

12 – Island Fortress

Island Fortress
Image: BigTonyMC (YouTube)

Feel like enjoying some alone time on an island? The Island fortress by BigTonyMC is just the right style for you.

He explains the process in just two videos and leaves it up to you to create an island fortress for yourself.

YouTube video

This build also comes with a dock that’s placed along the coast for housing the several boats that you can use to explore new lands.

When you’re out and about though, don’t forget to keep a map with you just so you don’t lose track of where your big island fortress is.

13 – Gothic Castle

Gothic Castle
Image: Geet Builds (YouTube)

A truly mesmerizing creation by Geet Builds, this gothic castle surrounded by a forest, has a high amount of detail in it. It seems like it has been plucked straight out of a real kingdom of the past.

YouTube video

It features a  throne room on the inside and uses grand statues originally designed by Trixy Blox to line up the path approaching the structure.

14 – Nether Castle

Nether Castle
Image: Shannooty (YouTube)

Constructing a castle in the Nether may sound like an outrageous idea but that’s what makes it so much fun.

So grab some Obsidian blocks, build a portal and go ahead and construct this massive structure in the Nether.

YouTube video

The timelapse video above showcases the exact steps taken by Shannooty to build his version.

It’s scary and grand in equal parts and gives you a nice fortress for shielding yourself from the dangers that lurk around in the Nether.

15 – Flying Castle City

Flying Castle City
Image: Geet Builds (YouTube)

Another one among these Minecraft castle ideas is the flying castle city by Geet Builds – it is a thing of wonder.

But beware! Building it is not a task for the light-hearted; it would require hours and hours of dedicated effort in order to create such a thing.

YouTube video

You will need some practice in building other small floating structures before you start out with this one.

Once you get that out of the way, creating this flying castle city will be a tad easier.

16 – Steampunk Castle

Steampunk Castle
Image: DivineMedicus (YouTube)

The steampunk style has a different charm to it that’s hard to ignore once you’ve looked at it.

If you’re in love with it as we are, you’ll definitely find this castle worth building.

YouTube video

DivineMedicus crafts this beautiful castle with utmost finesse and the final result is nothing short of amazing.

The steampunk charm is not just visible in its grand exteriors, but also throughout its interiors.

17 – Lake Castle

Lake Castle
Image: daxar123_builds (YouTube)

Here’s one more structure that lets you take things offshore if you like living on the water.

The lake castle by daxar123_builds lets you create a relaxing and intimidating fortress directly on a lake.

It has quite a tricky layout but with a little hard work, you’ll surely be able to create this one.

YouTube video

More importantly, the resources you’ll need to build the structure are fairly basic, which means you can even try creating it in Survival Mode.

18 – Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle
Image: Stevler (YouTube)

YouTuber Stevler spent two weeks perfecting this magnificent Minecraft medieval castle.

This build features a main structure, a wizard tower, two defensive towers, a building for housing the soldiers, a warehouse, a corral for horses, and the walls of the fortress.

YouTube video

This structure has been made of materials that are easy to find and can be a great way to start sharpening your castle-crafting skills after you’ve got hold of the basic stuff.

19 – Diorite Castle

Diorite Castle
Image: Stevler (YouTube)

Most people don’t like constructing their bases with Diorite because it’s easier to use stone or wood.

But you should definitely give Diorite a try seeing how beautiful a castle made from it looks.

YouTube video

Watch this 3-part tutorial by Stevler to find out how you can create the ultimate Diorite castle in Minecraft.

20 – Lord’s Castle

Lord's Castle
Image: LionCheater (YouTube)

Erecting a castle fit for a lord is no mean feat in real life. However, building one in Minecraft is fairly simple.

Go ahead and check out this detailed, step-by-step tutorial by LionCheater to learn how you can build a Lord’s castle in Minecraft, complete with a large courtyard and interesting turrets.

YouTube video

It’s got several gates, apart from the main gate. And there are even fortifications and cool interiors.

But once you’ve got the exteriors done, you can indeed experiment with the interiors as you wish.

#Frequently Asked Questions

How To Build A Minecraft Castle

YouTube video

Before you start creating your own castles with our ideas list, you should really watch this little video tutorial by Stevler.

It explains in detail how working on a complex construction may look difficult but is pretty simple if you go about it in the best manner possible.

The video tutorial has Steveler crafting a Medieval Minecraft castle with some really interesting design choices that include towers, bridges, a stone keep, rooms, windows, different levels, and more.

How Do I Make a Castle In Minecraft?

To make a castle, you can choose any of the tutorials mentioned above. But to put it simply, the creation process can be divided into six main parts.

The first is to create as many towers as you want and the second is to erect the walls.

You can then focus on the interiors and the top floor before moving on to decorating the rooms.

Once all these five steps are done, the final step is to give the finishing touches to the exterior.

If you’d prefer to try making one without going into the trouble of erecting any scaffolding, then Creative would be your best option since you can fly in this mode.

If you’re planning to surround your build with a lava-filled moat, do remember to avoid using wood anywhere near it.

But otherwise, your creativity and personalization skills are the only limits. Scrounging for materials is not that difficult in even in desert biomes. Sand for sandstone walls and glass windows is available in plenty.

Are There Any Minecraft Seeds With Castles?

Yes, indeed! There are plenty of seeds containing fan-made castles that you can enter.

All you need to do to access them is enter the appropriate number in your Minecraft account while playing in Creative Mode and install the map that comes with each seed.

You can find plenty of such seeds online to revel in a different Minecraft world than yours.

How Do You Spawn A Castle In Minecraft?

Spawning a castle is a possibility if you possess the Command block. Do take note that it cannot be used in Survival mode.

A command block can execute commands only when activated by Redstone power.

There are two levels of permissions set to the block so it can be used to allow a command by gamers who can’t use that command in general.

Wrapping Up

We hope these are enough Minecraft castle ideas to keep you busy for months to come.

Remember, some of these castles are extremely complex to build and it can get overwhelming for you if you start out with them.

So choose some easier ones to get into the groove before you get to the real deal and make a grand castle in your Minecraft world.