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#21 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas [And, How To Build Them]

Minecraft Barn Idea
Image Source: ExecutiveTree (YouTube)

Looking to build a beautiful Minecraft barn to complement your farming gameplay? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re interested in farming within the Minecraft world, you’re going to need a place to store your food and hay bales, and raise your livestock. That’s where a well-built barn comes in handy.

And while there are plenty of different ways you can build one, why not opt for some cool designs that you can show off to your friends? That’s why we’ve wrung together a list of the 21 best Minecraft barn ideas that you can pick up and replicate within the game.

1. Simple Barn

Simple Barn with farm
Image Source: SheepGG (YouTube)

Minecraft players who are fairly new to it can opt for a simple barn like this one by SheepGG which can be built over a 23 x 17 block area foundation. Despite being very easy to build, this simple barn includes everything from stables to house animals inside, beds for sleeping, ample storage chests, and much more.

YouTube video

The yellow lanterns placed along the exterior and even the interior of the barn lend it a nice aesthetic touch. Simple barns like these generally include just one level. But the interior has some space reserved for small-scale farming as well; so that’s a great way to ensure there’s enough food at hand for you and your many animals.

2. Peaceful Barn

Peaceful Barn With Room For Livestock
Image Source: TMC (YouTube)

Our second candidate comes from a video tutorial by TMC and is called a peaceful barn for no other reason than the fact that the clip uses serene music in the background.

YouTube video

In reality, it’s just one of those small Minecraft barn designs that have room for all types of livestock and also boast of all the needed amenities.

3. Rustic Barn

Easy Rustic Barn Design
Image Source: Grian (YouTube)

If you’re more about utility than looks, a rustic barn would be a great Minecraft barn build for you. YouTuber Grian has come up with this interesting build and his video tutorial is just six and a half minutes long. That gives you an indication of how easy it is to build. But make sure to keep a notepad handy to write down all the instructions.

YouTube video

It’s a pretty small barn; so don’t expect it to be able to store an indecent amount of stuff. This rustic barn requires just materials that you can obtain right after spawning in a brand-new world. The materials used by the creator can even be replaced with quartz and red stained clay in order to give this barn idea an American style.

4. Classic Barn

Classic Barn American Style
Image Source: Ector Vynk (YouTube)

The classic barn comes from Ector Vynk who gives detailed instructions on how to build it in his YouTube video tutorial. He even encourages you to build it in Survival mode. So you can guess that it’s not a complex Minecraft barn build.

YouTube video

We call it classic because it’s been built along the lines of vintage American style barns. Its unique appearance comes from the fact that the maker has used stone bricks, red stained clay blocks, and quartz to erect this red barn. The red barn is one more option among our cool barn ideas that won’t take much time and effort to create.

5. Barn And Farm Combo

Barn And Farm Combo With Lots of Room and Lighting
Image Source: SidioMC (YouTube)

If you enjoy farming in Minecraft, there’s this wonderful barn idea for you to try. It reserves space for farming right outside the barn design itself. This means that along with an aesthetic animal barn, you also get the means to provide them and yourself with ample food.

YouTube video

And it is one of those large Minecraft barn ideas that will take time to come up with. Watch SidioMC give you a step-by-step video tutorial on how to build this barn design in the clip above. After you’re done building it, you’ll definitely find yourself staring at it from time to time. That’s how beautiful the design is.

6. Red Barn

Red Barn Surrounded By Forest
Image Source: Fresh Joy (YouTube)

A build by Fresh Joy, the next pick among in our barn ideas list is defined by its color. The tall-standing barn includes pens for holding multiple animals like horses, cows, chickens, llamas, goats and pigs.

YouTube video

The barn also contains storage space and an anvil in the back for any of your farm life needs. Check out the video tutorial above.

7. Stone Barn

Stone Barn With stable and pen
Image Source: TheMythicalSausage (YouTube)

Wood is one thing, but this barn design relies mostly on stone for its structure. The elegant barn has ample space for whatever activity you want to perform in it. It includes a cooking station, a horse stable, a cow pen, and plenty of upstairs storage as well. Apart from stone, this build by TheMythicalSausage needs cobble, stone brick, stripped spruce log, planks, and more.

YouTube video

Do note that this is not an easy build at all. Despite its relatively small size, it has been built in a very intricate manner and requires some concentration to understand its structure and recreate it in the game. But one thing is for sure – it’s an incredibly enjoyable process to build this barn in Minecraft.

8. Medieval Barn

Medieval Barn For history buffs
Image Source: Random Steve Guy (YouTube)

This ultimate barn by Random Steve Guy is for the history buffs who are particularly fond of structures from the Dark Ages. It is one of the most interesting ideas we found during our search. The medieval barn has multiple horse stable areas, which means you can keep multiple horses ready to take with you on your next adventure.

YouTube video

The medieval barn also features detailed interiors with great lighting. We’d recommend this good barn to anyone who has some experience in large Minecraft builds. Like most Minecraft stable ideas, this one too relies heavily on spruce and wood blocks to give itself a familiar color palette .But you can also experiment with other wooden blocks, like spruce or stripped oak slabs.

9. Giant Barn

3 Storey Giant Barn
Image Source: TheMythicalSausage (YouTube)

If none of the above barn ideas excites you, go for the giant barn that will surely challenge your skills. It’s yet another build in this list that comes from TheMythicalSausage.

YouTube video

This large but beautiful barn is a really complex build though. You will need to watch the video tutorial multiple times to understand how you can go about with your own reconstruction of it.

10. Small Barn

Small Barn for Survival mode In Minecraft
Image Source: LTA Tutorial (YouTube)

Next on our list is a small barn that’s ideal to erect in the Survival mode of the game. This small barn doesn’t take much time to build and doesn’t require you to forage many resources as well. Yet, it’s incredibly effective if you wish to rear a couple of animals of different breeds. It can house a horse stable, a cattle pen, and even some of your sheep.

YouTube video

The animal barn comes from LTA Tutorial, who gives detailed instructions on how to build it in the video tutorial posted above. So the next time someone asks you for some easy Minecraft barn ideas, make sure to point them towards this cute Minecraft barn.

11. Large Barn

Large Barn Made From Oak and Spruce
Image Source: Keralis (YouTube)

This video tutorial by Keralis helps you build a large barn to house your horses and other animals. Spruce and oak logs are the primary materials used for building the structure. The best part about this barn idea is that once you start building it, you can adapt it according to your liking and use other materials that suit your vision the best.

YouTube video

If you want to rear a lot of critters at once, this animal barn is a great idea. Do note that it’s a pretty taxing build. So be prepared to spend hours and hours on it.

12. Stone And Wood Barn

Stone And Wood Barn
Image Source: Mr Mirror (YouTube)

This build by Mr Mirror combines a stone barn with a wood barn to create a treat for the eyes. The combination of stone bricks and wooden blocks is a great one to look at. The design is thoughtful and pleasant.

YouTube video

It’s also an incredibly useful and spacious structure for your horses and other animals to reside in. Erecting this elegant barn is fairly simple if you have a little bit of building experience in Minecraft.

13. Barn And Horse Stable

Barn And Horse Stable
Image Source: ExecutiveTree (YouTube)

This Minecraft barn idea may not look large, but it offers plenty of space inside as well as outside, within its fence gates. It has sections dedicated to rear your animals and even has enough space to include a farm. Moreover, its interiors include multiple crafting stations, which makes it a pretty good barn to own in Survival.

YouTube video

In the video tutorial by the original creator ExecutiveTree, you can see that this animal barn has enough room to place a Nether portal as well. In order to build its exteriors, you only need a few stacks of stripped oak logs and spruce blocks.

14. Ultimate Minecraft Barn

Ultimate Minecraft Barn with ample storage room

A YouTuber who goes by the name of A1MOSTADDICTED has created this ultimate barn that can accommodate everything you need such an area to keep animals, underground farming plots and more.

YouTube video

It’s got great aesthetics and ample storage room. However, it’s not one of those easy Minecraft barns that you can create in just an hour or so. Depending on your building skills, you will need to invest 3 to 5 hours in this one.

15. Wooden Barn

Wooden Barn with rustic interior
Image Source: Derezero (YouTube)

As you can guess, this barn with a horse stable by Derezero is made completely out of wooden materials. It’s a magnificent structure with plenty of space to keep your horses.

YouTube video

And since there aren’t many different materials needed to build this wooden barn, you can create it in your survival world as well. So go ahead and challenge your inner carpenter to construct this easy wooden barn/horse stable.

16. Cow Barn

Cow Barn
Image Source: TSMC – Minecraft (YouTube)

This animal barn is called a cow barn not just because it’s meant to hold cows but also because its structure includes a large cow banner towering over it. Created by TSMC – Minecraft, the cow barn also has a large storage area.

YouTube video

The barn itself has two areas. While one is dedicated to indoor cows, the other is meant for rearing multiple animals outdoors. It’s one of those peculiar Minecraft stable ideas that we love to check out every so often.

17. Animal Barn

Animal Barn with lots of room for animal grazing
Image Source: ItsMarloe (YouTube)

Another one of many really interesting Minecraft barn designs that we’d like to point you towards is this animal barn from creator ItsMarloe. The whole deal of this build is to eliminate pens and allow the different animals to roam freely within it and outside it.

YouTube video

One can imagine that such a build would require a lot of planning. So go ahead and check out the video tutorial. Try creating one in survival mode to allow your many animals to roam free and happy.

18. Spruce Barn

Spruce Barn
Image Source: TheMythicalSausage (YouTube)

How about a spruce barn complete with spruce planks and spruce trapdoors? It certainly makes for a nifty animal barn that you can easily build in your game.

YouTube video

The spruce barn build includes six animal pens including a pigpen, a sheep farm, a horse stable, a cow farm, a chicken coup, and even a rabbit pen. It involves a lot of building. So keep a few hours aside for this build by TheMythicalSausage.

19. Survival Barn

Minecraft Survival Barn
Image Source: Fedo (YouTube)

This animal barn is meant to serve all your survival needs and can be built right at the start as it doesn’t require any fancy materials for its construction. YouTuber Fedo has made sure that you get detailed instructions about this build to make it easy for you to follow.

YouTube video

It’s a neat structure with enough space for your different animals to be reared and also plenty of storage for your stuff.

20. New Barn

New Barn
Image Source: TheMythicalSausage (YouTube)

TheMythicalSausage’s new barn experiment is also a brilliant build to try out. It’s a grand structure that is meant to be built in survival and hence only has an entrance through its windows to keep the monsters away.

YouTube video

The new barn includes a chest box in the middle so that you can put away stuff for storage. It’s got really peculiar interiors and its roof is made of crossbeams.

21. Perfect Barn

Perfect Barn
Image Source: Greg Builds (YouTube)

This decent build by Greg Builds is only called perfect because it’s a no-nonsense barn that doesn’t go for aesthetic value or add many unwanted features.

YouTube video

It’s a vanilla barn that doesn’t require you to put much effort into building it or into finding the materials needed to create it. Go for this one if you wish to quickly build a barn in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pick Survival Or Creative Mode For Building In Minecraft?

Minecraft offers two main modes – Survival and Creative. Survival requires players to acquire resources while building and fighting off monsters. As for Creative, this mode gives players access to unlimited resources and even gives them the power of flight. Thus, creating big structures is much easier in the Creative mode. However, it’s just not as fun and challenging as it is to build them in Survival. The mode in which you choose to build your farm structure depends on your skill level.

How To Build A Barn In Minecraft?

Before diving into the details of all the awesome Minecraft barn ideas listed above, here’s the most simple way in which you can build one. First, find a space of 12 x 14 blocks and use spruce for the corners and extend them to six blocks. You can then make use of stripped birch wood to create the barn walls and raise them to the exact height of the corner logs. Then, extend all the spruce logs and join them through a dark oak wood plank. Spruce trapdoors can be used for the front and back walls.

Similar to the way you created the base, you can build a second floor and then place dark oak wood plank blocks to create the roof. For the roof’s head, make use of dark oak slabs and cover the top using the same wood blocks. For making a window, use a 3 x 2 gap at both the front and back. That’s the basic structure of the barn. But it’s really up to your creativity how it will finally turn out. You can employ different blocks, for starters. If you’d like a separate section or two, you can add those too. The possibilities are endless.

How To Make A Barn Door In Minecraft?

When making a barn in Minecraft, you can create a door using dark oak wood planks. You can keep its height as four blocks. Extend all the spruce logs on the barn to one block and join them through a dark oak wood plank.

What other structures can be built in Minecraft?

A barn is just one structure you can make in-game. But Minecraft puts no limits on what you can build in it. It’s basically a canvas that allows you to give flight to your imagination. Sharing blueprints of amazing Minecraft castles is very common in the community, and the same goes for grand house builds.

Wrapping up

That wraps up this long list of barn builds for Minecraft. We’ve included all kinds of different barns so players of any skill level can find something that suits their style. Video tutorials play a really important part in how well your own builds turn out. And once you become an expert at creating such structures, you’ll be ready to come up with your own unique barns as well.