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MIMvista Multi-Modality Imaging presents radiological images on the iPhone

MIMvista Multi-Modality Imaging and iPhone

The iPhone seems to be pampered with a variety of applications. After the launch of the iPhone 3G, the phone is under the spotlight again with MIMvista’s Multi-Modality Imaging feature that allows iPhone users to view radiological images on their phone itself.

This latest medical software application is a creation of MIMvista Inc., a medical imaging company out of Cleveland, Ohio. The Medical application provides multi-planar reconstruction of fused data sets such as PET/CT, which is utilized for diagnosing cancer. Doctors can now work on a mobile basis without any hassle of huge machines and entangling wires. The Multi-Modality Imaging application can be used on both the iPhone and the iTouch iPod.

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The intelligent application lets a user manipulate and adjust using simple gestures to isolate crucial pieces of data and get into the depth of the diagnosis with great accuracy and detail.

The applications boast proudly about various medical specifications such as true dynamic multi-modality image fusion, multi-planar volumetric image reconstruction, linear measurement tools, Quantitative Standardized Uptake Value ROI, fusion blending between PET/CT and PET/MR, and display of PET, CT, MR and Nuclear Medicine images.

The application also makes good use of technology with the use of applications such as Core Animation, Foundation/Core Foundation, UIKit, WebKit and the accelerometer. MIMvista is all set to provide mobile technology for the medical world which not only provides convenience and comfort but also works in an accurate and precise manner.

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