Mimique Phone Concept: Unique and Different

Mimique Phone Concept If you prefer looking different from the rest of the crowd, here’s an ultra cool phone concept from RKS Design. The world renowned industrial design firm, RKS Design has come up with a very unique and simple phone concept named Mimique.

With a minimalist look, avoiding all hassles and complications of various icons and designs, the Mimique phone provides an out-of-the-box design with its touchscreen capabilities. The Mimique phone flashes in bright colors of red and yellow. The sleek phone also accepts various downloadable skins which can be set depending on the mood and preference of the mobile user.

The cute antenna on the top of the phone brings back golden memories of our previous phones. The handset’s analog clock also gives it a sophisticated look. The Mimique is all set to arrive with a promise of personalization and option of easy customization as well. This concept phone’s launch date is unclear however the phone is sure to generate a craze amongst the masses and could be a tough competition to the iPhone.