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Mimicker is an alarm app for Android with a twist


Waking up in the morning is such a huge task for some that even the basic alarm app doesn’t end up serving its purpose. Mimicker Alarm is an app designed specifically for them, as it requires you to not only swipe left or right to silence alarm, but also perform a task to prove that you’re really awake.

The app is a strict authority which you are imposing upon yourself in order to abide by your wakey-wakey times. Available through the Google Play store for free, Mimicker Alarm can ask you to perform one of three different tasks that have been fed into it.

You can select to randomly have one among the three show up or choose only one that suits you preference. As for the tasks themselves, they include ‘Express Yourself’ which needs you to act out the emotion displayed on the screen; ‘Color Capture’ which asks you to click a picture of something of a particular color; and ‘Tongue Twister’ which has you repeat a phrase that’s hard to pronounce.

When the alarm starts ringing and you dismiss it, you will have 30 seconds to complete the task that’s thrown towards you. If you don’t get around to doing that, Mimicker Alarm will assume that you’ve fallen asleep again and will start ringing again.

The team behind this app has taken the help of Microsoft’s Project Oxford APIs in order to develop it. It is also hoping that the utility will convince more developers to make use of the open source APIs in the near future.

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Like we said, Mimicker Alarm can be downloaded on Android devices right now through the Google Play store.