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Milagrow WheeMe body massaging robot rolls in

Milagrow WheeMe

Sporting a rather petite construct, the Milagrow WheeMe robot is here with the tall claim that there’s no need to depend on the massage therapist anymore. Robots are not exactly a first for the company; we’ve also seen the Redhawk, RoboCop and BlackCat home cleaning bots march out of these stables.

Milagrow happens to be marketing the palm-sized gadget for Israel-based Dreambots. Though there’s nothing much when it waters down to detailed specifications, the company insists that the device is convenient to use as well as maintain. The chassis appears to be mostly plastic, with a pair of antennae and silicon wheels, the latter of which help it navigate all the slopes and curves of the body.

Body Massaging Robot

Getting its juice from three AA batteries, the robot comes with three modes – vibrating, tickling and dancing. It shuts down automatically every fifteen minutes. Coaxing the gadget to pause and start up again is as simple as turning it on its back and placing it back on the wheels, respectively. The antennae-like attachments are meant to simulate the sensation of fingernails tickling the skin.

Posted above is what looks like a slightly disturbing photo at first glance. But it’s actually just the bot working on a happy volunteer’s back muscles. A particularly stressful day at the office? Just try WheeMe, says the company. Check out the video tutorial below for a demo of the device in action.

YouTube video

The introductory price of the WheeMe in India is Rs. 9,900. It is being sold with a yearlong warranty.