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Microsoft’s offering $650 off if you trade your MacBook for a Surface

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Apple and Microsoft’s rivalry reached new heights this week with the launch of flashy new hardware from both sides of the camp. As far as laptops are concerned, the former launched its new line of MacBook Pro models and the latter outed an updated Surface Book with Performance Base.

Microsoft is now looking to up the stakes by launching a tongue-in-cheek exchange program offering to help MacBook Pro and MacBook Air owners ‘trade up’ to Pen and on-screen touch. People who take advantage of the scheme stand to get up to $650 off from the Surface Book or Surface Pro of their choice.

The Surface Pro has a $899 starting price and the Surface Book a $1499 one. Microsoft is emphasizing heavily on the fact that its lineup has both touch and stylus input, something Apple’s portfolio of laptops stubbornly refuse to support. The latter worked around this slightly with its fresh MacBook Pro series since the units have a Touch Bar panel placed above its keyboard.

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Microsoft is also claiming that 97% of people who have a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book utilize on-screen touch input regularly. It also asserts that users can’t imagine having a laptop without touch due to its ease and convenience.

The new Surface Book also has a major connectivity advantage over the new MacBook Pro since it has two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader. Apple has abandoned both in favor of up to four USB-C Thunderbolt slots, which means people will have to shell out additional cash on dongles if they want to connect their peripherals.

Microsoft’s trade-in program is going on till November 10. You can check out the details here.