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Microsoft’s Cortana now available for iOS and Android

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana has only been accessible to Windows 10 users so far, limiting the tool’s ability to truly work as a cross-platform application. That’s set to change now with the tech major officially launching the feature for iOS, Android and Cyanogen consumers after several months of beta testing.

In a blog post, Microsoft clarified that all the Cortana features found in Windows phones will not be making an appearance on the other softwares. Common abilities include things like setting location or time-based reminders, which allows people to set a note on one device and have it show up on another when moving to a different place.

For instance, individuals can set a reminder to pick up dry cleaning on their PC and Cortana is supposed to display it on their smartphone once they’re near the shop. The assistant can also prove useful in situations where a person is unable to respond to a call. The app will send a missed call alert to their Windows 10 PC and allow them to send an SMS back through the computer.

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Cortana Android

Cortana constantly tracks a user’s activities in order to update its search results and suggestions. All the information stored by the tool on a PC will be synced with the app. Android users will have limited access to the Hey Cortana hands-free feature. They’ll be able to invoke it only within the application or the homescreen.

The post did not mention whether this will be possible for Apple devices. Given the presence of Siri, it’s not likely to operate within the iOS ecosystem. However, this is not the case with Cyanogen. Microsoft has been closely working with the company to develop Cortana for the OS. Consumers of the software will be able to command the tool from any screen.

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Other custom tweaks consist of the ability to toggle network modes, turn on Quiet Mode and power down the device. While only the OnePlus One will be receiving the Cortana integration in the next Cyanogen 12.1.1 update in December, Microsoft promises it will be rolled out to other handsets running the OS early next year.

The Cortana app works with devices running Android 4.1.2 and iOS 8. Note that it’s only available for people residing in the US and China for now. You can download it via the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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