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Microsoft xCloud Might Soon Stream Games In 1080p Full HD Resolution

Xbox Cloud Gaming
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is testing 1080p streaming resolution for its Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming service, according to media reports.

According to Windows Central, the cloud gaming service is currently available in 720p streams but an upgrade to 1080p would bring it in line with fellow service Google Stadia.

The improvement in visual quality likely comes as part of an infrastructure upgrade that involves replacing the older Xbox One S server blades with more powerful Xbox Series X boards.

“Recent rumors have also suggested that Microsoft has been looking to upgrade its cloud streaming services from Xbox One to Series X architecture sometime this year,” the report said on Thursday.

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In addition, Microsoft is also giving a final touch to its Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PCs, which includes access to streaming games from the company’s xCloud service.

Presently, one cannot stream games from the new Xbox consoles to Windows PCs because it is unsupported in the existing Xbox Console Companion app.

However, the upcoming app will let Windows users stream games from their Xbox Series S/X consoles, and from xCloud.

The app will also bring xCloud streaming to Windows PCs for the first time.