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Xbox Surface, another Microsoft tablet: Rumor

Xbox Surface

Microsoft seems to be preparing a new home-brewed tablet dubbed the Xbox Surface, which is expected to debut before the Redmond giant’s latest iteration of the Xbox gaming console arrives. The device has come under speculation once before, way back when the company was about to introduce its newest hardware.

A recent report by The Verge based on details provided by sources ‘familiar with plans within Redmond,’ states that the device is still in the initial hardware planning stage. It could house a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM, although there are chances of an Intel SOC slipping its way into it. The report goes on to say that the tablet won’t be running on a full Windows installation. Instead, it may operate on a custom Windows kernel.

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The Android platform has managed to get a lot of love from the gaming scene with multiple devices being altered specifically for these requirements. The Nexus 7 and the recently announced Nexus 10 are amongst the contenders in this category carrying a typical tablet form factor, while the Archos GamePad and WikiPad slates are accompanied by physical controls for a more console-like feel. And the idea of a full-fledged gaming device operating on the Windows platform isn’t that farfetched too. In fact, there are multiple manufacturers out there currently working on the concept.

The Razer Project Fiona is one such device that takes desktop gaming to a more portable form factor. The tablet packs in a Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, a 10.1-inch HD display as well as dual controllers and it’s said to be capable of running titles such as Minecraft, Assassins Creed Revelations, HAWX 2, Rift and many more without any hassle.

Razer Project Fiona

The Surface tablets managed to be quite the bombshell amongst the company’s OEM partners. But it’s hard to say what reaction a 7-inch Xbox Surface gaming tablet would render. As for the price and release date information, it’s hard to tell what retail tag the device will carry considering that there’s no word on hardware as yet. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the company is likely to introduce the gadget before the Xbox 720.