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Microsoft Xbox 360 3D webcam on its way?

Xbox 360 3D Zcam

Microsoft’s apparently upcoming 3D motion sensing camera controller is creating quite a stir these days. The latest to get the rumor mills spinning is that the webcam should be unveiled at the E3, 2009.

The innovative motion-tracking camera reveals Slashgear is supposedly equipped with a 3D camera technology. The company appears to have gained this technology at the time it purchased start-up 3DV Systems.

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A jog down memory lane and users will remember 3DV systems to be developing the ZCam for the Wii way back in 2007. A low cost 60fps 3D-capable camera, it could track gamers’ movements and gestures.

Though the features or details of the supposed new camera are still unclear, latest sources who have apparently spoken to WSJ revealed that the company ‘is developing a new video camera for its Xbox 360 video game console’.

If Microsoft does plan to incorporate the ZCam or any other motion-sensing 3D webcam, users will be allowed to map their movements into a specific gameplay. It could also mean that depending on Wii’s Wiimote and other such motion-controllers will be a thing of the past.

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Microsoft allegedly plans to sell the camera as a separate peripheral initially and possibly couple it with the Xbox later. There are no details on the pricing or availability of the Xbox 360 3F webcam.

Microsoft on its part refused to comment on these rumors. Guess we’ll have to just wait and watch!

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