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Microsoft Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x discontinued

Windows Mobile 6x Marketplace

This just in, the Microsoft Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x has now been discontinued. It may not come as surprise to many since the company had announced on July 15 last year, that it will stop accepting apps or any updates for the marketplace in question.

Needless to say, the service can no longer be employed by those who happen to possess the Windows Mobile 6.x handset. The company does mention that users can turn to third-party marketplaces or avail of the updates or the applications directly from the developers. Then there is always the option to move onto a new handset as well, given that there are some interesting Windows Phone options to sift through.

According to a post on Engadget, the store came to a complete shut down on 9 May. Users will not be able to either download or browse content from the official Windows Marketplace. However, the download and sales reports will continue to be available via the App Hub.

As users may have guessed, if their phone has been reset, then content inclusive of applications obtained through the service as well as user-specific settings and data will be deleted. Furthermore, any traces of this data hoarded on the external storage will also be wiped off. As for the developer payouts, they will be carried out as per the provisions of the Windows Phone Marketplace Application Provider Agreement.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x cannot be accessed as the service has been discontinued by the company.