Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail service temporary outage resolved

Microsoft Windows Live logo

On Thursday evening Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail service experienced a temporary outage. Creating more than just furor among dedicated Windows Messenger users, Microsoft now claims to have taken care of the issue.

Apologizing to Windows Live Messenger service users, Microsoft accidentally sent out an incorrect missive on Thursday. The message read ‘You don’t have an inbox…yet”. The company now assures users that their inbox is virtually safe.

According to Microsoft, a certain networking issue encountered during the company’s routine maintenance had caused the incorrect mail to be sent out. A mail from the Windows Live team now suggests that the problem has been corrected.

Microsoft’s Hotmail service disruption had apparently left users in the lurch as they were instructed to change their email addresses. Taking complete responsibility for the mishap and inability to communicate after the message was sent out to users, Microsoft clarifies that the error was a harmless one.

The Microsoft team ascertains that a user’s inbox is secure as all the messages are still intact on the company’s servers. For users who are still having access issues, the company suggests waiting until the temporary outage is resolved completely.