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Microsoft Windows 8 logo unleashed

Windows 8 Logo

The newest kid on the block, the Microsoft Windows 8 platform finally has a logo that, as the company states, does not look like a flag. Sam Moreau informed through the official Windows Team blog that this logo has been designed by the Pentagram agency.

According to the blog, the team decided to completely redesign the Windows logo for its latest edition of the operating system as the platform itself has undergone a reimagination of sorts. Also, the logo’s evolution is said to be a better reflection of the Metro style design principles that the software giant has adopted with this addition to their portfolio.

Windows Logos

“In some ways you can trace the evolution of the Windows logo in parallel with the advancements of the technology used to create logos. From the simple two color version in Windows 1.0 to the intricate and detailed renderings in Windows Vista and Windows 7, each change makes sense in the context in which it was created. As computing capabilities increased, so did the use of that horse power to render more colors, better fonts, and more detailed and life-like 3D visual effects like depth, shadows, and materiality. We have evolved from a world of rudimentary low resolution graphics to today’s rich high-resolution systems. And what started as a simple “window” to compliment the product name became a flying or waving flag,” quoted Sam Moreau, Principal Director of User Experience for Windows, in the Windows Team blog.

Furthermore, the origin of this logo does reveal that it was in fact, meant to be a symbol of a window all along. The term ‘window’ acts as a significant metaphor for computing, and as Moreau suggests, the company looks forward to encouraging users to find their perspectives. The logo, according to them, denotes this ideology completely.

The new Windows 8 logo seems to be going back to its roots as opposed to being redesigned with a completely new look.