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Microsoft urges Indian SMBs to Go Original with Get Genuine Solution

Microsoft Get Genuine Solution launched in India Microsoft India has announced the availability of the Get Genuine Solution (GGS), which is a unique offering that enables small and medium sized businesses to legalize their counterfeit or unlicensed Windows XP Professional PCs.

The Get Genuine Solution is aimed at easing the pain that businesses face while migrating to original software, allowing them to derive greater value out of their technologies.

GGS is valid just for a limited period of time in India, Brazil, China and Russia. Those who opt for this offer have to only provide their name and address to the reseller, who will then ship them the Certificate of Authentication (COA) and other license materials.

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Customers who opt for the Get Genuine Solution also have the option of enrolling into Microsoft’s Software Assurance (SA) program that allows them the choice of an easy upgrade path to Windows Vista.

Another advantage of going in for Microsoft’s Get Genuine Solution is that it is a more cost-effective Volume License solution. Customers will also be able to access important original software updates and downloads to valuable and premium add-ons.

Moreover, with piracy levels in the Indian market as high as 72%, there are a large number of businesses with existing PCs in need of legalization due to counterfeit, under-licensing, mis-licensing and version piracy cases.

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Microsoft has reinstated it stance with regards to original software once again with the launch of GGS. Not only will it benefit customers, but it will also help resellers strengthen their customer relationships and create an ongoing value to their business.

Brian Campbell, Director- Original Software Initiative, Microsoft India commented on the launch of GGS saying, “Campbell, Director – Original Software Initiative, Microsoft India said, “Microsoft is committed to protecting Small and Medium Businesses from the negative impact of piracy and Get Genuine Solution is a simple and scalable solution for customers who want to legalize their software. We understand that original, licensed software is integral to a business’ health and longevity, and with this initiative we believe that SMBs will be able to enjoy its advantages.”

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