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Microsoft teases 2 new surprises for Live Tiles in Windows 10

Interactive Live Tiles

Microsoft’s Build developers conference this week is set to usher in new features to Live Tiles, in the first major upgrade to the tool in a while. The description for the event, dubbed ‘What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications,’ hints at two highly-requested surprises that attendees wouldn’t want to miss.

This seems to point towards the addition of interactive Live Tiles, something which Microsoft has been working on for many years now. A concept video which was released by its Research team back in 2014 gives us a glimpse into what could be in store on April 1, when the unveiling for the new features takes place.

Interactive Live Tiles basically makes it easier and faster to respond to notifications within the Tile interface itself. For instance, instead of launching the full Mail app to view emails, users could potentially look at messages directly from the Tile. Same goes for the Message panel, allowing people to view and respond to texts without having to open the application.

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The video also shows off a brand new feature which allows a Windows Phone to scan a desktop Tile by just holding the handset in front of one and have the app open automatically on the smartphone’s screen. The video describes this as a cross-device wormhole.

In its notes on the session, Microsoft says it’s planning to introduce a powerful API which allows a new class of apps to plug into the Notification pipeline and supply an innovative experience to consumers. The tech giant also mentions that it’s building on the foundation of the Action Center to supply developers with more flexibility in Adaptive Toasts.

Stay tuned for more on Microsoft’s new and improved Live Tiles in the coming days.

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