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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 defeats iPad Pro in bend test

Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Image Credit: JerryRigEverything

The iPad Pro (2018) recently courted controversy thanks to a bend test video by JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson which showed how easily it can be snapped into two. The YouTuber is now back with a new video which makes the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 go through the same ordeal.

It seems the Surface Pro 6 is made of stronger stuff than the iPad Pro. Nelson starts by applying pressure on the tablet, noting that it offers some “massive flex.” Still, it manages to stay in one piece and continues to function. The same can’t be said for the iPad Pro which gave up immediately at the slightest hint of pressure in the earlier video.

Nelson also tries to bend the Surface Pro 6 from the other side. The device gets twisted, but it’s not catastrophically damaged. Another round of pressure forces the LCD loose from the glue. The tablet continues functioning in spite of all this force. This might be down to its weight, since it’s actually 40% heavier than the iPad Pro.

Why The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Didn’t Bend

More weight translates to more stability. The in-built kickstand didn’t hurt either, adding a brace for the Surface Pro 6 to rely on. Plus, the tablet doesn’t have its weakest points centrally located like the iPad Pro. Apple made it extra easy to break the device down by placing a microphone and wireless charging strip on either side.

Nelson concludes his test by declaring that the Surface Pro 6 passes his bend test. He also does some further investigation into the tablet’s innards. In his opinion, Microsoft stuffed the device with “guts and metal,” while Apple chose a thin and lightweight design over structure.

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The Surface Pro 6 and iPad Pro probably won’t bend in anyone’s pocket like the iPhone 6 did, but durability is still something you should seriously consider before buying either. Accidents happen all the time and you don’t want your expensive new toy destroyed because you sat on it.