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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 gets a sweet discount, trade-in program live

Microsoft is trying really hard to put the Surface Pro 3 into as many hands as possible and to improve sales of the device, the company is currently offering it at a discounted price. What’s more, a new trade-in program has been initiated where you can exchange an old Surface product for some sweet credit towards the latest release.

Firstly, the new discount is a flat $100 off on all configurations of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. This offer is currently implemented on the company’s online store and a free sleeve is also being thrown in. This means that the base model with 64GB storage and a Core i3 processor will set you back by $699, making it just $200 more than the iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi with 16GB storage.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Certainly, the Microsoft slate is the more attractive option here as you get a full Windows experience, four times the storage and 4GB of RAM, that’s if you aren’t tied down to Apple services. Coming to the trade-in deal, you can exchange any Surface product and get a minimum credit of $84 or up to $650, depending on the condition and model you plan to exchange.

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The procedure is quite simple – Head over to this link and select the model you currently have, fill up the necessary details like whether the device is functioning and which accessories you’ll be supplying, and click on the calculate button on the bottom. After getting an estimated value, you can chose to hit accept to continue with the trade-in.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 specs:

– 12-inch ClearType 2160 x 1440p display
– Windows 8.1 Pro
– Options of Intel 4th gen Core i3, i5, i7 processors
– 4GB or 8GB RAM
– 5MP front and rear cameras
– 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB storage options

You’ll be able to purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with the reduced tags on Amazon as well. Additionally, the ecommerce website is offering a $100 gift card with specific models, but these options don’t have the former promo included.