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Microsoft Surface Pro price cut follows same fate of Windows RT-equipped tablet

Just as expected, the Microsoft Surface Pro has received a cut its retail value in the US, less than a month after its Windows RT-equipped cousin got its price slashed globally. While the latter managed to get $150 off its MRP, the Microsoft Surface tablet bearing the Windows 8 OS has now been granted a $100 cut by the Redmond-based company. This means, the 64GB and 128GB options of the slate can be bought by interested parties at $799 and $899, respectively. This offer will be valid only till August 29 however.

News about the Surface Pro comes at a time when rumors about successors to the company’s first ever tablet range have started gaining steam. Keeping this in mind, it seems valid that Ballmer and Co. are hoping to clear the shelves off its remaining units that are indeed experiencing slow sales. Those residing in Canada, China, Hong Kong as well as Taiwan can also expect to grab hold of the Microsoft Surface Prodevice at its reduced rates till the August 29 deadline, according to word received by The Verge.

Microsoft Surface Pro

About other parts of the world however, nothing’s for certain as of now. It features the Windows 8 OS, and displays its visuals on a 10.6-inch ClearType full HD monitor which can be mounted on a keyboard dock for convenient usage. It is powered by a third generation Intel Core i5 processor, and also kicks in an Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, alongside 4GB worth of RAM. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of course make their way into it, but aside from these, its other main highlights include two 720 cameras placed at its front and its rear.

When the Windows RT-equipped slate of the company had received a price cut in the US this July, same had followed for all parts of the globe soon. Now with the Microsoft Surface Pro, has the company’s strategy changed or are we to wait in anticipation for an immediate announcement?