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Microsoft Surface Duo Android Phone Caught on Camera

Microsoft has been so tight-lipped about anything to do with its Surface Duo Android smartphone (let’s call it a phone until more details emerge), it’s kind of exciting to see it in the wild. A video of the foldable handset riding the SkyTrain in Vancouver has been posted by Israel Rodriguez on YouTube.

The clip running over two minutes long begins with a few screenshots taken from the video. It then transitions to the actual footage of an unidentified commuter fiddling around with the mysterious Microsoft device. They can be seen playing a game on the Surface Duo device before exiting to Android Outlook.

Microsoft Surface Duo
Image credit: Israel Rodriguez on YouTube

You can get a glimpse of how apps look side by side, as well as when one is stretched across the display of this foldable device. There’s no doubt about the fact that the user interface built on top of the Android OS powering it is a bit buggy. But it’s still nice to see how the final product might look like in real life.

Apart from appearing too big for regular-sized pockets, the Surface Duo flaunts just one camera in the YouTube video. It’s on the right side display beside what looks like a flash unit. The handset’s 360-degree hinge will allow it to function as the front or rear camera, depending on the user’s need.

Microsoft Duo Phone
Image credit: Israel Rodriguez on YouTube

The SDK for the Surface Duo has already been launched. This should give developers enough time to build or adapt apps to suit the device’s offbeat display. There’s no word on the price and release date as yet, and even less to go by in terms of its hardware specifications.

In related news, Microsoft has a developer conference scheduled for February 11. The event will flag off the release of the company’s Windows 10X emulator and new APIs for dual-screen support among other things.