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Microsoft says Windows 10 will keep spying on you

Windows 10 is an important product for Microsoft, and has been doing quite well ever since it was introduced in the market. However, it wasn’t until recently that the controversy over the operating system spying on its users broke out. The Redmond giant has now finally decided to respond to it, but it’s not an answer concerned customers will be pleased to hear.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore has admitted brazenly that there isn’t a single way to stop Windows 10 Home from completely tracking your data. That is not great news at a time when online privacy is one of the most discussed topics worldwide.

While speaking to PC World, Belfiore said that the tracking of data is aimed at benefitting the users themselves. According to the firm, knowing all the problems a customer is facing will help the developers better tailor the Windows 10 experience for them. But is involuntary tracking of data really an ethical practice?

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Users of the Home edition are not only forced to download automatic updates, but are also tracked for how much bandwidth they consume and shown ads in their Start Menus. Moreover, every key press on the keyboard is logged, while their browsing history is also sent over to Microsoft.

This version of Microsoft’s operating system does allow you to turn off the tracking of some data via Start Menu > Settings > Privacy but it doesn’t grant you complete access to all the options. It’s only users of the Windows 10 Pro and Windows Enterprise versions who are free to disable all tracking options on their computers.

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We’re not sure what kind of a turn this controversy will take in the future, but Microsoft really needs to stop its spying of Windows 10 users through a software update in order to maintain a good image.