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Microsoft releases Joy Division Zune, A Limited Edition Version

Joy Division Zune PMP

Microsoft has announced to release limited edition of the Zune media player, which is designed by Peter Saville. The latest edition is named as Joy Division. The limited edition of the PMP will feature capacity of 80 GB and will be preloaded with the “Joy Division” documentary, a pre-loaded with critically acclaimed film.

The custom black colored Zune is etched with an adaptation of Saville’s iconic artwork from Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album.

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“Partnering with Zune gives us a unique platform to tell the story of an iconic band and present something special to their fans,” said Tom Atencio, Joy Division’s co-producer. “It also opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities regarding innovative promotion and distribution methods for independent films.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to create a customized product in conjunction with an important project like the ‘Joy Division’ film,” said Richard Winn, director of Entertainment Development for Zune. “Building innovative consumer experiences around music and providing a platform to showcase the work of artists is what Zune is all about.”

Those who want to buy this limited edition Zune will have to hurry up as the player will only be available for purchase till June 17 at the price of $399.99. Users can buy Joy Division Zune from http://www.zune.net and http://www.zuneoriginals.net.

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