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Microsoft to recall Surface Pro power cords due to fire risk

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Owners of the Surface Pro 3 or its earlier iterations are facing a risk of their power cords catching fire. Microsoft has hence decided to recall and replace these accessories now, and will be starting the process for the same from today onwards.

Since the recall applies to three main models of the tablet, we’re looking at millions of users returning their power cords, which is set to be a huge task for Microsoft to handle. It has been found that the AC power supplies for the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 models may be prone to overheat when bent sharply or wrapped tightly, thus posing a fire hazard.

Very few owners of the tablets have actually faced this problem, but Microsoft of course doesn’t wish to take any risks. According to Channelnomics, affected customers will be able to register for the replacement cord on a website that will go up later today. They have been advised by the company to dispose of or recycle their existing power cords safely.

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It can be confirmed that the power cords that come with the latest Surface Pro 4 don’t feature the fire hazard. Launched in November last year, this new iteration is a big update over its predecessor, offering more powerful processors, added memory and SSD options, a slightly larger display with a higher resolution and a better body construction. Moreover, this fresh device is compatible with all the previously sold Surface accessories as well.

Microsoft is expected to reveal all the details regarding its Surface Pro power cord recall later today; so stay tuned for the official announcement from the Redmond giant.