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Microsoft Raises Bing AI’s Chat Limit To 120 Per Day

bing search engine homepage Microsoft has now increased conversation limits on Bing AI to 10 chats per session and 120 total chats daily. This is after it capped chat turns per session to no more than 6, and the total per day limit to 60.

Even before that, the company was forced to put a conversation limit of 5 chats per session and 50 chats per day on the AI-powered Bing Chat. The 5-chat limit was applied after the chatbot started displaying some sort of multiple personality disorder, a spectacle that kept the Internet amused for quite a few days.

The limit of 5 chats per session was explained to be enough for most people looking for answers via Bing AI. After the chat limit is reached, Bing AI will prompt users to ask another question.

Microsoft noted that long chat sessions have the potential to confuse the chat model and provoke weird responses (see example below).


Talking about the latest limits, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, tweeted “Bing Chat moving today to 10 chats per session / 120 total per day. Engineering making steady progress with quality of experience giving us confidence to expand the testing. Let us know how it’s working for you!”

On March 3rd, the company announced some key changes to the ChatGPT-driven Bing search engine in this regard. Users can now switch between Precise, Creative and Balanced chat tones.

Assuming you can work out what Balanced implies, Precise and Creative settings offer short, straightforward answers and longer, more descriptive replies, respectively.

Some chat behaviors have also been fine-tuned so that the Bing chatbot doesn’t come across as brusque, defensive or antagonistic.