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Microsoft phone with rebooted Windows Mobile OS in the works

Microsoft Surface Phone Concept
Image Credit: Casmir Valeri

It seems Microsoft hasn’t given up on trying to break into the smartphone sector in spite of the slow death of its Windows Phones and Windows 10 Mobile OS. A new report indicates that it’s starting afresh with an all-new software and hardware initiative to put it back on the map.

Two independent sources within Microsoft told Thurrott that there is a new device being tested internally that runs on a separate branch of Windows Mobile. The brand is apparently looking into developing “new experiences” with the product. It’s not clear what exactly this could mean, but the UI is expected to be different from the current Windows Mobile UI.

Microsoft’s apparently in the early stages of development for this at the moment, so the exact changes are still a work in progress. The company is reportedly thinking of a further cut in support for older apps in the new mobile experience. This might translate to Silverlight applications not being compatible with the all-new OS.

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Thurrott notes that plans for this mysterious software might shift dramatically in the future, but its actual release shouldn’t be too far off considering it’s actively being worked on. However, the publication also points out that this could mean a year or more, maybe less if it gets good reviews internally and is fast tracked.

Given Microsoft’s focus on its Surface lineup over the past few years, it would make sense for the company to be developing a Surface Phone. However, the key thing here is whether or not the brand can get developers to make apps for the handset. Its lack of a robust application ecosystem is one of the many reasons Windows Phones didn’t really take off.