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Microsoft pays $10K to woman for forced Windows 10 upgrade, makes OS easier to reject

Windows 10

Microsoft has been severely criticized for its aggressive policy when it comes to getting people to upgrade to Windows 10, with many unknowingly downloading the software against their wishes. A woman in California decided to take matters into her own hands by suing the company for the damage the OS wreaked to her computer and is now $10000 richer for it.

Teri Goldstein’s troubles began a few days after Windows 10 made its debut last year. Her PC apparently began trying to download and install the software without her permission. Unfortunately for her, the update failed and her computer became extremely slow and prone to crashing, effectively rendering it unusable for days at a stretch.

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Goldstein then supposedly tried to fix the issue by contacting customer support. This proved to be a dead-end and prompted her to take Microsoft to court. She was seeking compensation for lost wages and the cost of buying a new PC. Goldstein won the case last month, a big blow against the tech behemoth’s deceptive Windows 10 upgrade policy and a major legal precedent.

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In spite of this, Microsoft is still denying any wrongdoing. A spokeswoman for the company stated that it had dropped the appeal to avoid the expense of further litigation. In related news, the software giant has finally revamped its Windows 10 update notification after almost a year’s worth of complaints.

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Microsoft has been deceiving users for months now by switching the purpose of the red X button in the Windows 10 upgrade dialog box. The symbol traditionally indicates closing down a window, so people naturally clicked it to dismiss the box. However, the company changed its meaning about 3 months ago by interpreting this as an indication that the consumer wanted to authorize the process.

Microsoft seems to have finally woken up to the fact that people do not enjoy being conned like this. Windows head Terry Myerson has now sent out a statement clarifying that selecting the red X will dismiss the dialog box. The person will still get a notification after a few days though, so it won’t be a permanent dismissal.

Users will have to opt for the new ‘Decline free offer’ option within the Windows 10 upgrade dialog box to be rid of the notification. While this is a welcome move by Microsoft, it may be too little too late given the fact that the free update offer ends on July 30. The OS will cost $119 after that.

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